Buy Gadgets For Less at Macpower Sale in F1 Hotel on October 12 to 14, 2017

Macpower Marketing Corporation - the official local distributor of international tech brands like Boompods, Lumee Cases, Rhinoshield, InAndOut, and Manfrotto, among many others - will be having a 3-Day Pre-Christmas Sale where buyers will be able to enjoy up to 80% off on selected products.

The trade event will be done at the Titanium Room of F1 Hotel at The Fort in BGC from 10AM to 8PM on October 12 to 14, 2017. Those who are interested to go to the sale are invited to first register their attendance HERE.

Off hand, here are some of the cool gadgets and accessories that are being offered for a lot less at the sale:

1. Boompods Duocable – from P 1,460 to P 700

No need for multiple cables, the duocable is the simple way to sync and charge your iPhone, Android and other micro-port devices via USB.

2. Boompods Flatline – from P 955 to P 490

High quality flat charging for flexibility and convenience. Its bold color stands out from the crowd. Not only is the cable more desirable than just a black cord, its anodized metal ends give a more luxury feel to this everyday product.

3. Boompods Headpods – from P 3,700 to P 690

Delivers stunning audio with a built-in mic for taking calls on the go, switch easily between songs and incoming calls. An integrated volume control on the cable. Allows for enhanced usability and convenience, compatible with all iPhone handsets. The powerful twin drivers enhanced bass and wide frequency range gives you the perfect combination of clear and balance sound.

4. Boompods Maxpod – from P 4,900 to P 990

5. Boompods Powerpod – from P 1,850 to P 690

This 2,300 mAh power bank charges your handset with no need for messy cables. It looks hip and cool too.

6. Fluxmob – from P 2,800 to P 990

An interesting cube-like charger both on the wall and on the go.

7. HOMIDO Grab VR – from P 3,950 to P 1,390

Reviewed and certified by Google, GRAB works perfectly with thousands of Applications made for the Google Cardboard ecosystem. From the top Cedar Point’s tallest roller coaster, to a planet in a galaxy far, far away – thousands of experiences await you in the world of smartphone VR!

8. SIMPIZ Itron – from P 6,590 to P 2,190

This is the fastest powerbank on the planet. Fully recharges in 18 minutes (8x faster than QC 3.0). Just 3 minutes of charging using SIMPIZ can charge 1 smartphone.

9. LUMEE for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus - From P 2,490 to P 790 / P 500

Get stylish soft flash illumination for your face and your friends' faces when snapping selfies and groufies.

10. Moktak – From P 6,000 to P 1,990

MOKTAK Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is a 2012 Reddot Design winner and 2013 Interational Design Excellence Award Finalist. It looks odd but beautiful and when you start playing with it, it makes perfect Sense.

11. Onanoff BuddyPhones – from P 1,393.23 to P 690

BuddyPhones are volume-limiting headphones designed for sharing and safety. Exposure to excessive levels of Sound is proven to be damaging and can cause adverse long-term effect, therefore BuddyPhones are designed with a built-in, volume-limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels, which is the level recommended By the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids.

12. RhinoShield Playproof for iPhone 6 and 6PLUS - from P 1,780 to P 590

This form-fitting case covers the back and corners of your iPhone 6/6S and 6 PLUS with a special impact resistant, flexible polymer, while still providing access to all ports and buttons. Definitely a sleek and lightweight case.

13. Runtastic – Colored wristbands for Orbit - From P 1,950 to P 690

14. Ubooly – From P 1,990 to P 990

The Learning Toy that Listens. The world’s first smart toy.

15. 2,800 mAh UNU Enerpak Micro – From P 1,100 to P 290

The potent Enerpak Micro is the perfect accessory for when you need additional power on-the-go.

16. Woodford Quickdraw lightning Cable - From P 1,800 to P 990

A durable 1-meter long lightning cable that tells you when your mobile device has been fully charged! Just wait for the red indicator light to turn green and you're good to go. It also features tangle-free woven electronic wires and aluminium USB connector casing for enhanced toughness.

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