OPPO F7 with 25 MegaPixel Selfie Camera and Display Notch, Arriving Soon

OPPO F7, the 2018 iteration to the Chinese handset maker's hero model for developing markets like the Philippines and other South Asian countries, has just been teased by OPPO Mobile India on Twitter through this online banner.

Looking at the photo, it's clear that this upcoming smartphone will have a notch on top of its tall 18:9 display.

According to China's State Intellectual Property Office, on January 9, 2017 - way before Apple iPhone X's market release, OPPO applied for patent for use of a full-screen with multiple notch shapes on top. Here are some of the designs that OPPO included in its application (source):

If OPPO successfully got the patent for these display and notch renditions from the Chinese Patent Office, then I guess we should really expect the company to come up with smartphones that don this trendy feature.

While the notch appears to the distinguishing characteristic of the OPPO F7, one of our friends from the company told me that the main selling point of this upcoming device will actually be its stellar 25 MegaPixel Selfie Camera with AI Beautification Technology.

When it gets officially released, OPPO F7 will have the highest resolution front-cam of any smartphone that's available in the market, which should delight consumers who love snapping selfies and sharing the shots on social media.

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