2018 Nokia Android Smartphones TVC Reminds Us Of What Nokia Is All About

These days, it's almost impossible to see a tech brand rely on 'emotional connection' to promote its products and services.

Now, most smartphone makers rely on either the popularity of their celebrity endorsers or the sheer power of their devices' technical specifications to get the attention of the buying public.

Heck, I thought the art of 'tugging the heart of the people' for selling technology was already dying. And it's odd -- because I believe the desire to connect to others is the true driving force behind innovations.

That's why I got teary-eyed (yes, I won't be shy to admit that) when I saw HMD Global's television commercial for their freshly announced Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 2018 Android One Smartphones.

Nokia 7 Plus TVC

In a nutshell, the TVC starts with two boys using their Nokia 3310 to connect to each other and to team up to get through the challenges of student life, which - of course - included dealing with bullies in school. As they grew older, they experienced deeper problems and glorious successes -- but through it all, they stayed together as true friends through the help of their Nokia smartphones.

You can watch the commercial here through Nokia Mobile's official Youtube channel:

Back in the its glory days as the world's undisputed #1 phone maker, Nokia's corporate slogan was "Connecting People". In many ways and on many levels, through the brand's successful products and memorable campaigns, the Finnish Giant of old stayed true to that line.

Nokia Connecting People

As a long-time fan of Nokia, I'm happy and - yes - relieved to see that HMD Global is keen on reminding all consumers of exactly what this great company has always been all about.

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