Smart Postpaid Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ GigaX Plan Bundles Give You Big Data

I always say that the best way to get powerful and expensive flagship-level smartphones is through postpaid plan bundles.

Why, you ask?

Well, first, the included services - especially mobile data connectivity - help bring to life the incredible capabilities of these top-of-the-line products. For instance, no matter how great the imaging capabilities of these phones are, it would mean little if we won't be able to quickly share photos and videos that we snapped and recorded using their cameras. Also, fast mobile connection is essential in playing most specs-intensive 3D games that today's flagship handsets should have no trouble running.

Second - and this one's even more practical, postpaid plans via deferred payments help put these very expensive devices at arm's reach of more consumers. Think installments but in the process, you will realize that you are getting more than what you pay for.

These two reasons hold true for Smart Communication's Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ GigaX Postpaid Plan Bundles.

Not only do these plans come with reliable services that truly make these top-of-the-line models shine but they also make these devices far easier on the wallet.

My recommended Smart Postpaid offering for both of these handsets is GigaX Plan 1499, which gives you 5GB of mobile data (that you can use to access websites, blogs, and social media, among others) plus a generous 10GB for videos (Youtube, iflix, FOX+, and iWantTV), Unlimited Text Messages to All Networks, 60 Minutes of Calls to All Networks, and Data-Rollover, which means that data you didn't consume for a month will be rolled over to the next.

And what's great about GigaX Plan is that it defers the cost of the 64GB version of both Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to just Php 1,000 and Php 1,300 per month for 24 month, which means that the total amount you need to pay to enjoy all the services on your chosen smartphone will just be Php 2,499 and Php 2,799, respectively. Not bad, considering that SGS9 64GB has a retail price of Php 45,990 while SGS9+ 64GB goes for a whopping Php 52,990.

*If you wish so, you can add Php 100 to the monthly fee for the Smart GigaX 1499 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Bundle to get the 128GB version, which I think is more practical. 

**Additionally, you might also want to check out Smart GigaX Plan 1999 (which gives you 7GB of Data, 10GB for videos, Unli SMS, and 70 minutes of calls) if you need more data allocation per month. Plan 1999 also offers both smartphones but for Php 100 less per month.

To sign up for your #SmartGalaxyS9 or #SmartGalaxyS9Plus, just head on over to Smart Communications' consumer website or visit a Smart Business Center in a mall near you.

2018 flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 offers a number of useful enhancements coming from last year's Samsung Galaxy S8 from more durable build and more powerful internal specs all the way to better low-light imaging capabilities and smoother slow-motion video recording performance.

On the other hand, the larger Samsung Galaxy S9+ not only has a bigger display for better viewing experience but also has a Dual Camera Module at the back, delivering 2X lossless zoom and LiveFocus Effect for Portraits. Like the SGS9, this phablet lets you create fun AR Emoji GIFs - that look like you - which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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