2018 Apple iPhone XS Official Details, Revealed in Leaked Photo

Today - August 31, 2018 - at 2:13 AM here in Manila, trusted Apple-centric tech website 9 to 5 Mac published this photo of what it claims to be two versions of the upcoming Apple iPhone XS that it got from an official Apple server.

Apple iPhone XS

Considering that website's credibility and track record, I didn't have any doubt in my mind about the veracity of the image when I first saw it. I was sure that I was looking at the photo of the genuine article.

Inspecting the shot, it is clear that the Cupertino company will be releasing at least two new iPhone models in this year. Both phones shown in the leaked image share identical design language but one is larger. 

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the smaller iPhone XS will sport a 5.8-inch OLED display while the other has a more sizable 6.5-inch panel. Aside from that, both variants will be available in Gold, which wasn't one of the color options for the Apple iPhone X.

Speaking of the iPhone X, both 2018 iPhones shown in the shot clearly flaunt an all-screen face that's similar to what was on the 2017 hero model. I'm also seeing the same hardware button and antenna band placement -- at least, on the left panel.

This official leak seems to go along quite well with the "insider information" disclosed by known 'Apple device leaker' Ming Chi Kuo several weeks ago. He shared that the Cupertino company will most likely release three iPhone models this year: The first one will look exactly like the iPhone X but will have better internal hardware and imaging capabilities. The second one will simply be a larger version of the first with the same innards and cameras. And finally, the third will be a budget version with large display.

One thing that the photo above didn't confirm, though, is the rumored Dual SIM iPhone X Plus that Ming Chi Kuo as well as other supposed "Apple insiders" recently revealed to tech bloggers in various countries. I'm personally quite excited about that one.

On September 12, 2018, Apple Inc. is expected to finally unveil its latest iPhone models along with the Apple Watch Series 4, which is rumored to have an all new user interface. Stay tuned for updates!


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