Android Q New Features : Exciting Innovations on the 10th Android OS Version

Feels like only yesterday when I had my first Android smartphone, the HTC Legend, which ran Android 2.0 Eclair. That handsome, metal-clad handset was released in 2010.

Looking back, I am downright amazed at how far and how much Google's mobile operating system has grown. From being an underdog with basic features and few applications, Android has become the leading mobile platform with smooth interface and hundreds of thousands of downloadable apps.

The latest iteration of Android that's available to consumers is version 9.0 also known as Pie -- but what's cool is that the beta release of its follow-up called Android Q is now available for download on select handsets, which can only mean that it should be commercially out soon.

If you plan to upgrade your Android smartphone later this year to a model that runs Android Q or if you own a handset that's slated to get this firmware upgrade, here are some exciting features or innovations that you can expect to see on the latest version of the OS.

Dark Mode

This has long been requested by Android users and finally, Google has made it available via Android Q. Dark Mode, which you will be able to turn on via the drop-down quick access tab or by enabling Battery Saver, can extend your handset's uptime by saving juice required to light up pixels.

Android Q

Live Caption

This amazing accessibility feature, which will be very useful to our hearing-impaired loved ones, can recognize speech in videos and translate it to text on the spot, even without internet connection. For me, this is the most innovative feature that's available on Android Q.

Android Q

Smart Reply

We've already seen a glimpse of this on Gmail and it's great that Google is finally bringing it to Android. The OS is smart enough to understand the context of conversations and to suggest replies.

Android Q

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Android Q makes it easier for you to permit or deny third-party applications from accessing your location or using data in the background. Via a specific section in the Settings, you can even set time limits for background activities of apps as an added layer of security and to give you peace of mind even when you're asleep.

Android Q

Android Q

Digital Well-Being

We all spend so much time using our smartphones and as such, we all can fall into the trap of sacrificing our relationships, our health, and even sleep due to overuse of these devices.

To help uplift mobile users' digital well-being, Google added a section in Android Q's Settings where you can set the amount of time you'll spend using applications (including Facebook and Instagram) and even a specific wind down time at night, among others.

Android Q

Focus Mode

We've all experienced being distracted by certain apps and games from studying or completing important tasks. Thankfully, there's now a Focus Mode on Android Q that allows us to avoid accessing certain applications when we need to get things done.

Android Q

New Parental Controls

Android smartphone users are becoming younger and younger. In fact, kids as young as 8 years old are already good at navigating Android devices. If you're a parent who's concerned about what your kid is doing on his or her handset, you can use Android Q's improved parental controls to review applications that your kids download, to set daily handset use limits, and even to set bedtime so you can make sure that your kids will get their 8 hours of sleep, which is important for growth.

Android Q

Foldable Smartphone Support

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the first hybrid handsets that can transform into tablets -- and from the looks of it, they won't be the last. Fully embracing a future with foldable smartphones, Google had crafted Android Q to work on devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. They had also made sure that app or game continuity across changes in display configurations will be seamless.

Android Q

5G Ready

Over 20 network carriers across the world - including Philippines' leading communications network, Smart Communications - will launch their 5G networks within 2019. With supported hardware, Android smartphones running Android Q will allow users to enjoy the great benefits of ultra-fast 5G mobile data speeds.

Android Q

Android Q Beta, Now Available on 12 OEMS and All Pixels

Android Q

Android Q Beta is now available for download on Google Pixel smartphones as well as supported Android One models by Nokia, OPPO, Vivo, LG, Sony, realme, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, among others. Get it now on your handset -- and let us know what you think about it by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. Cheers!

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