Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone Price is PHP 2,990, Unboxing Photos, Quick Review

If my memory serves me right, Apple is hardly the first company to release wireless earbuds.

But let's face it, it's only with the launch of the Apple Airpods that so many mobile consumers started to dream about owning such gadget.

The things is, though, the Cupertino company's wire-free headphones are still quite pricey, putting them out of reach of many people who love listening to music on the go. In fact, here in the Philippines, the updated Airpods sell for PHP 9,490 with Charging Case -- that's already the price of a good midrange Android smartphone.

Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone

Good thing there are now several Wireless Earphones out in the market that are very affordable, allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks while on commute and look trendy at the same time.

One of which is extremely budget-friendly Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone, which sells for only PHP 2,990. Believe it.

Before I give you my thoughts about the sound quality and ergonomics of this cool pair of earphones, join me in this quick unboxing of the product.

Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone

As you can see in the images above, Playground H1.0 TWS comes in a plain white box with a transparent top, which lets you see the device along with its charging case.

Lifting the cover and the white plastic cradle, we see the many accessories and items that are included in the package.

Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone

Of course, we have the earphones, the case, the microUSB 2.0 charging cable, three sets of silicone buds in large, small, and medium sizes (including the pair that's pre-installed on the device), and two pairs of ear rings -- if you need it for better fit.

I find the back charging case both cute and durable -- and it even has a red rubber flap that connects the two parts together so you won't accidentally lose any of them.

This charging case is small enough to fit in your jeans' front pocket -- but it's not particularly flat so you will see and feel that bump on your leg. I think it's also a good thing since you'll know that it's still there.

Apart from working as a design accent and connecting the cover to the body, the red rubber flap also brilliantly conceals the case's charging port.

Simply use your fingernail to lift the lower end open so you can access the microUSB 2.0 port. Connect the provided cable to use and use your iPhone or Android smartphone's travel charger or a powerbank to power up the device.

Here are the technical specifications of this pair:

Earbud Dimensions - 22 x 29 x 29 mm
Earbud Weight - 6 grams each
Charging Case Dimensions - 38 x 60 x 60 mm
Charging Case Weight - 59 grams
Earbud battery - 60 mAh each
Uptime - 1.5 Hours of Music Playback
Wireless Working Range - 10 Meters
Charging Case Battery Capacity - 720 mAh
Bluetooth 5.0

Here's how the earphones look inside the charging case.

Make sure that the copper pins meet the receiving end on either buds before plugging the case to an electrical outlet or powerbank. When charging, you will see a pulsing H symbol on top of the case.

How to use:

1. Simply plug the earphones to ears - L to your left ear and R to your right.
2. Although, it's not that obvious, both earbuds actually have a clickable multi-function button (MFB) on the outer or exposed part, where you see a pulsing H symbol.
3. Short press on the button on each earbud one after the other to begin pairing.
4. One the buds are paired, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone or Android smartphone and scan for devices.
5. When your handset finds h1.0 TWS, simply pair with it.
6. After the Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone, just play your desired music track.
7. You may also use the earphones for accepting or rejecting calls but I think you'd have to give the device permission to do this on your handset. Short press the MFB on either buds to accept calls and long press to reject.
8. To pause a song you're playing, short press on the MFB.


For me, Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphones - with the pre-installed medium ear buds - fit so well in my ears that I never found the need to use the provided ear rings.

Heck, I've ridden the LRT and jogged wearing this pair and never fell off my ears. I wear them and almost forget about them. I mean, I'm not constantly worried that they'd accidentally fall off because of poor design and fit. As such, I'd say that the ergonomics of the device is good.

I also like that they have a matte black finish so they're not too flashy and they don't show fingerprint grime that much.

Audio Quality

Frankly, I've used more powerful headphones than this one. Then again, given its price, that's to be expected.

The sound quality is not the best out there but it's certainly not bad. I think it's almost the same as that of my old wired Apple Earpods. You will still get an enjoyable music experience with it -- if you're not a meticulous or a high-browed audiophile.

The bass is more punchy than pounding. The trebles and vocals could be a bit more brilliant or bright.


Considering its ultra wallet friendly price tag and the fact that wireless earphones are a big trend these days, it's hard for me not to recommend Playground H1.0 TWS True Wireless Sports Earphone.

If you're a bit tight on budget but you want to look extra hip by wearing wireless earbuds to enjoy your fave tracks while on the road or during breaks in the office or in school, go ahead and get this one. I'm sure you'll appreciate your newly-found freedom from wires on top of this pair's "good enough" audio quality and great ear-fit.

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