Smart Postpaid Signature Plans Help You Reach Your Goals

The country's leading telecommunications network - Smart Communications - has just launched a new set of postpaid plans that are made for today's mobile consumers who are always out and about, actively pursuing their goals and ambitions.

Addressing the limitations of older plans, the all-new Smart Postpaid Signature Plans cater to the needs of a new breed of goal slayers who would appreciate having a postpaid plan that prioritizes their connectivity needs while they are busy achieving milestones in their personal lives or career.

Smart Postpaid Signature Plans

According to Mr. Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT-Smart's Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business Market Development, Smart Signature Plans were crafted after a thoughtful process of listening to customers, identifying their pain points, and providing solutions so that there’s nothing that holds them back from reaching their goals. The result is a brand new postpaid experience that simply prioritizes customers.

Made more simple yet still feature-packed, Smart Signature Plans come in four sizes – Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL). All of which come replete with generous open access data allocation for mobile warriors; unlimited calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT; AnyNet call minutes to PLDT landline and other networks; and - of course - unlimited texts to all networks. Regardless of how you prefer to stay in touch with your loved ones or workmates, these plans have got you covered!

On top of all that, Smart Signature even comes with Data Rollover so any unused data for the month is automatically carried over to the next month!

For its SIM-Only Plans, Smart Signature starts with Plan S at PHP 999 per month. As I've shown in the image above, this budget-friendly plan is bundled with 10GB Open Access Data, Unlimited Calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT, 100 Minutes of Calls to other networks, and Unlimited Texts to Any Network. If you use your mobile data mainly for staying connected on Messaging apps, checking emails, and browsing websites, this one should already be good for you.

Smart Signature Plan M, which you can get for PHP 1,499 per month, features 20GB of Open Access Data, Unli Calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT, 200 minutes of calls to Other Networks (namely, Globe Telecom and TM); and Unlimited Texts to Any Network. I'd say Plan M is good for those who love streaming music while on the road and making video calls with clients and family members.

You may also choose Plan L at PHP 1,999 per month, which comes with 30GB of Open Access Data; Unli Calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT, 300 minutes of Calls to Other Networks (Globe and TM, etc.); and Unli SMS to Any Network. Do enjoy playing mobile games during breaks at work to keep your mind active? Plan L could be the right one for you.

Finally, Smart Signature Plan XL at Php 2,999 per month, gives you 60GB of Open Access Data; Unli Calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT, 600 minutes of Calls to Other Networks; and Unli Texts to Any Network. With its massive data allocation, Plan XL - I think - is great for watching movies and TV series on Netflix anytime, anywhere. Also, if your business or profession requires you always send large files to your clients, you might want to sign up for this one.

Smart Signature also offers Device Plans, which come bundled with a wide range of smartphones including 2019 top-of-the-line models like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and Huawei P30 Series. These plans, however, give you slightly smaller data allocation and all-net calls compared to non-Device Signature Plans.

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