Apple is The Top Phone Maker of 2019 in Terms of Profit

Despite losing to Samsung and Huawei in terms of total number of smartphone units shipped worldwide for the most part of 2019, Apple Inc. remains to be the world's leading handset maker in terms of profit share or money earned after all expenses.

Apple Top Phone Maker

Based on market data presented by respected research company CounterPoint, Apple had sheer superiority over its competitors this year as the American tech giant captured a whopping 66% of mobile phone industry profits and 32% of the overall handset revenue. (source)

Samsung is the distant #2 with 17% share of the profit pie while Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and the rest of the big players share the remaining 17% of this year's the handset industry earnings.

Apple Top Phone Maker

According to CounterPoint, Apple's loyal premium user base in key markets including the United States, Europe, and Japan is one of the reasons why the Cupertino company can still operate at such a high profit level. Employing industry-leading service strategy, Apple’s overall ecosystem remains strong enough to guarantee steady revenue inflow of revenue in the coming years.

Counterpoint added that while Chinese brands continue to expand outside of their home country and to offer new services such as IoT products and FinTech ventures, increasing smartphone profits and margins remain to be a challenge for them due to longer consumer holding periods for their devices and Apple's strategy of lowering the price of some of its iPhone models.

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