How to Add Theme to Facebook Messenger, Including Star Wars and Alien Emoji

Are you starting to feel bored of Facebook Messenger's look which has practically remained unchanged since it became a stand alone application?

Well, let me show an easy way to spice up your Messenger conversations with your friends, co-workers, lovers, and family members through Facebook Messenger themes!

Facebook Messenger Theme

Actually, it's the perfect time to share this with you because Facebook Messenger has just released an all-new Star Wars theme, which turns your chat page dark with star speckles. It even comes with its own set of emoticons, including a cute BB-8 icon.

Facebook Messenger Theme

Here's how you can get Star Wars Messenger Theme as well as every other colorway that's currently available here for all Android smartphones and Apple iPhone models Philippines.

First, just click on the circular icon in the upper right corner of your chat screen with the letter "i". This will bring you to your chat settings.

Facebook Messenger Theme

Next, simply click on "Theme".

Facebook Messenger Theme

There, you can choose the theme that you want to apply to your chat screen to customize your experience. Currently, most themes simply add a background gradient to the screen but starting with Star Wars, I believe we can expect Facebook to come up with more creative and fun designs in the future. Hopefully, they can get into more design collabs to make Messenger more fun for all of us.

Facebook Messenger Theme

If you wish so, you may also pick an emoji that you can use in your chat regularly in lieu of "thumbs up". For that, just click on the Emoji tab and choose the design that you like it.

Facebook Messenger Emoji

Since I've just applied the Star Wars in my chat page, I decided to go with the Alien Emoji to complement it. It looks so cute, I think.

Oh, and if you're not seeing the Theme section or the Star Wars option in your Messenger settings, you might want to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger first via Google Play Store if your own an Android smartphone or Apple App Store if you are using an iPhone.

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