Get Love Lessons from Watching Korean Dramas on Netflix via PLDT Home Fibr

It's Valentine's Day and I'm sure that the "hopeless romantics" among us - both taken or single - are again looking for ways to feel as much love as they can this Hearts' Day.

Love can be defined and expressed in so many ways. It can also take on many forms and can face many challenges. I'm sure that just thinking about all these can make one pretty confused and even intimidated to know what it's really like to be in love.

If you - single or with your lover - want to spend Valentine's Day knowing more about the mystery of love, then one activity you can do is to binge watch some Korean Dramas on Netflix which give valuable and useful lessons on romantic relationships in today's world.

Here are some good KDramas that I suggest you watch on Netflix with free Fibr Speedboost from PLDT Home.

KDrama Korean Drama Netflix, Love Alam

Love Alarm

In today's digital world, technology can sometimes be a third wheel in a relationship. For example, when we go out, we always check our phones instead of focusing on the person we are with. Often, relationships are also reduced to mere conversations on Facebook Messenger or Viber instead being lived and sustained in the real world.

Love Alarm shows us what happens when we rely too much on technology and gadgets to nurture relationships. It starts off sweet but becomes heavier with conflicts, serving as a cautionary tale for lovers in this age of internet and connectivity.

KDrama Korean Drama Netflix, My First First Love

My First First Love

How many of us consider the possibility of being lovers with our best friends? If you do, then you should check out this KDrama.

The lead characters Tae-oh and Song-yi are childhood friends who ended up living together through difficult times. From the get go, there was something special between them but they always tried to fight the feeling because they believed that they should simply be friends.

This wonderful story shows us friends can truly be lovers -- but only if both of them exert enough effort and surmount challenges together to make it happen.

KDrama Korean Drama Netflix, My HOLO Love

My Holo Love

Having a physical ailment that makes her unable to see people's faces, So-Yeon is always lonely and deeply yearning for love. She then becomes a beta tester for a hologram AI assistant called Holo that helps her interact with people better. In an interesting turn of events, Holo's creator, Nan-Do, falls in love with So-Yeon and the two discover the mysteries of love.

This KDrama teaches us that although the feeling of pain and suffering can push us to love others more than ourselves, we must remember that it only when we are full of love in the first place that we can truly care for others.

Know What Love Is With Netflix and PLDT Home Fibr

Learn these love lessons and share them with those who matter to you!

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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