Black Airpods Affordable Alternative : Joyroom JR-T04S Special Edition Black

If you love the look of Apple Airpods and you wish there was a Black Version available but you find its PHP 11,000 price tag a tad too hefty, then I believe you'd do well to check out this new wireless buds release from Joyroom that's now up for purchase at all Digital Walker stores nationwide.

The Digital Walker x Joyroom JR-T04S Special Edition Black has a head and stem reminiscent of what we see on Apple's popular wireless earphones but it costs less than a quarter of that expensive pair from the Cupertino company.

The regular price of this gadget is PHP 1,990 but our friends from Digital Walker told me that are now offering it for even less! For a limited time, everyone's who's interested can score one for a promo price of just PHP 1,690 at all Digital Walker Stores. That's PHP 300 off, if my math serves me right.

Digital Walker X Joyroom JR-T04S Special Edition Black comes in this square metal cube which looks a lot like those of sports watches.

Around the can, you will find some details about the gadget inside including its Bluetooth 5.0 version support, 500 mAh battery pack, and 3.5 hours call time.

Lifting the lid, you will be greeted by this meaningful message from Digital Walker, "You only live one." I'm still thinking about how it relates to the product inside. I guess it has something to do with music or staying connected to loved ones through technology.

Let me show you all the items inside the box.

I think all of us already have at least one microUSB to USB cable at home from the smartphones we've purchased over the past five years -- but it's nice that Joyroom had included one in the pack.

There's a cable clip that can be attached to the silicone cover of the earbuds' carrying case.

This accessory is handy when you want to attach the case to the side of your bag or to clip it to your pants' belt loop.

The carrying case also works as a charging case for Joyroom JR-T04S. There's a microUSB 2.0 port at its bottom and the outer silicone sleeve as a hole that lets the user access it.

The user guide is literally just a small pamphlet that contains essential information about the device. I suggest that you read to get a good overview about the product.

As what you can read in the image above, Joyroom JR-T04S automatically turns on when you open the charging case and pairs with a previously "paired" smartphone automatically. If you're using the earbuds for the first time, just long press on the buttons on each bud for two seconds to put them on pairing mode then look for the name on the earphones on your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone's Bluetooth settings to connect.

Key specs of Joyroom JR-T04S

Earbuds Dimensions: 45.6 x 17.6 x 18.5 mm
Bluetooth 5.0 Support
10 Meters Wireless Distance
DC 5V Input Voltage
45 mAh Battery Capacity per Earbud
500 mAh Charging Case Battery Capacity
3 Hours Music Playback
2 Hours Charging Time to 100%

Check out the photo above to see how the Joyroom JR-T04S Special Edition Black earbuds look. The shell is made completely of polycarbonate and it has a slightly matte finish. Both earbuds have a small clickable button for playing and pausing tracks as well as for pairing. At the bottom of the earbuds, there are copper plate dots for charging them placed inside the case.

I find the ergonomics of Joyroom JR-T04S quite good. In fact, I've worn this pair while walking around the mall and never fell off. They fit snugly and I think the semi-matte finish helps the product "cling" to my skin better than the glossy finish of the White version.

I'm sure you're wondering what's the sound quality like. Well, it's exactly what you'd expect from a wireless pair in this price point. The basses are not deep and pounding while the vocals are not that pronounced. Hence, if you're a meticulous audiophile, then you might want to invest in a more pricey and powerful pair like some from Momax, which are also available at Digital Walker stores. Just telling the truth to help manage your expectations.

Nevertheless, I still think this Joyroom JR-T04S should be good enough for most budget-conscious consumers who just want to listen to their favorite music tracks for good vibes on the go all while looking hip and trendy. Although audio quality is not its strongest point, Joyroom JR-T04S' eye-catching aesthetics and wallet-friendly proposition make it an attractive product that's worthy of my recommendation.

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