Bea Alonzo Talks About Her XTREME Appliances in House Tour Vlog

Like many other Filipino celebrities in this ongoing quarantine, Kapamilya Star and award-winning actress Bea Alonzo recently became more active in uploading videos on her personal Youtube channel.

I've always been a big fan of Bea so I was delighted when she uploaded her first-ever House Tour vlog in which he took fans on a virtual tour around her very beautiful home.

In that video, which premiered last September 26, I learned that Bea is actually so much into paintings made by our local artists as well as rare furniture like the Acapulco Chair. I never knew that she was actually interested in those "works of art" as she has never talked about that passion before.

As a technology blogger, though, I was happy to hear Bea talk about her XTREME appliances since I personally know some of the wonderful people behind that proudly Pinoy company and I really believe in the quality of their products.

Bea Alonzo XTREME Appliances Gas Range

One of the XTREME appliances that Bea showcased in her vlog was her four-burner XTREME Home Gas Range.

According to Bea, "This is one of my favorite items from XTREME appliances. Pwede mo syang lutuan ng apat na putahe at once. Because I cook in big batches these days for the front-liners so kailangan ko talaga ito."

So nice to hear that it has actually become her essential tool in helping others and uplifting the spirits of our heroic front-liners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're wondering how much a four-burner gas range from XTREME costs, the most affordable one - which is XGR-504G - sells for only PHP 9,995.

Bea Alonzo XTREME Appliances Washing Machine with Dryer

Walking into her house's pantry, Bea also showed Youtube viewers her big XTREME Front-Load Washer Washing Machine.

She said, "This is my washing machine from XTREME. It's two-in-one. It's a washer and a dryer -- in one!"

She didn't say if she washes some of her clothes - especially the more delicate pieces - but I'm sure that she does, she will find it a breeze using this powerful and spacious washing machine from XTREME.

The model that Bea owns is XWM-COMBi10x7, which has a price tag of PHP 44,995. But XTREME also has a more affordable front-load washer - the XWMFL-0009 - that goes for PHP 24,995.

Want to see more of Bea Alonzo's bright home, thought-provoking art pieces, and elegant furniture? Watch Part 1 of her House Tour Vlog below.

Along with Manny Pacquiao, Bea Alonzo is the main celebrity endorser of XTREME Appliances -- so I'm sure she has more amazing products to show us in the near future.

Bea Alonzo XTREME Appliances

As I've said, I'm a fan of Bea so I'll be following her vlogs regardless. I can't wait to learn more about her through her videos. If ever I see more of her XTREME appliances on her channel, then that would just be another reason for me to smile.

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