Mary Grace Escober Celebrates Getting 2 Subscribers on Youtube, Gets 100,000 More in 24 Hours!

When was the last time you felt deeply grateful for a seemingly small blessing that came your way?

Last Sunday - October 11, 2020, a Filipina girl named Mary Grace Escober posted a photo of herself on Facebook as she celebrates getting two subscribers on her Youtube Channel with a box of McDo McCrispy Chicken Fillet, a bottle of Coca Cola, and a small cake with two candles.

Mary Grace Escober
Photo Credit: Mary Grace Escober

In the entry, she said "Happy 2 [subscribers]!", then asked her friends to subscribe to her vlog and even thanked her food sponsor by sharing a download link to their mobile application.

These days, when many Youtube content creators and vloggers only celebrate getting 100K, 500K or a 1 Million subscribers, Mary Grace's innocent spirit became a source of admiration and inspiration for many Filipinos on social media.

Immediately, her Facebook post went viral with tens of thousands of Pinoys sharing it on their own timelines. As a result, Mary Grace's Youtube channel got a whopping 100,000 subscribers in less than 24 hours, which represents a tremendous jump from the two subscribers she earlier celebrated.

Thousands of Filipinos who felt delighted with Mary Grace's story also left uplifting comments on her post.

Rainier Nirza Pabuna said, "[This] touched my heart. She got 2 subscribers, sobrang happy na niya and nag celebrate siya."

"I feel her. Di naman kasi kami sikat kaya every one subscriber na nadadagdag sa YT namin, super saya and appreciated talaga," fellow Youtuber Jez Anne shared.

Chris Magrimbao gave an advice to Mary Grace, "Stay humble baby girl! ❤️ Godbless!"

As a content creator myself, I'd like to thank Mary Grace for reminding me to be thankful for every grace from God and every act of kindness from my fellow human beings that I receive every day - whether online or in real life - even those that I already feel entitled to. Often, the stresses of life, the pressure we put on ourselves, and the harshness of other people can make us blind to the wonderful blessings we consistently receive. Even though, it's probably not her intention, Mary Grace showed us how we should all treat every favor that's handed to us.

As of writing, Mary Grace has already gotten more than 133,000 subscribers on Youtube -- proving once again that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

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