One CHERRY One Ecosystem, Officially Launched! Here's What It's All About!

On Tuesday - September 29, 2020, the top Pinoy handset brand Cherry Mobile mounted its biggest virtual event this year to launch the company's new "One CHERRY One Ecosystem" strategy moving forward.

Essentially, this represents CHERRY's transformation into an electronics giant which releases devices that complement the evolving tech lifestyle of Filipinos from smartphones all the way to IoT gadgets for the home.

One Cherry One Ecosystem, Maynard Ngu

CHERRY showcased these five arrays of devices and services that form a unified ecosystem for consumers:

1. Cherry Mobile - The well-loved Pinoy brand of feature phones and affordable Android devices.
2. Cherry Prepaid - The company's own mobile network that now has 5 million subscribers.
3. Cherry Home - The umbrella unit for all devices made for the modern Pinoy Smart Home.
4. Cherry Roam - International internet roaming services and devices for globetrotters.
5. Cherry Pet - Gadgets made specifically for our beloved dogs, cats, and other pets at home.

At the event, which was co-hosted by CHERRY Brand Ambassador Xian Lim and Cerah Hernandez, the company likewise unveiled its new One Ecosystem logo which features shades of red, white, and grey that seem to meld or blend together into one.

Xian Lim Cherry Mobile, Cerah Hernandez, One Cherry One Ecosystem

According to CHERRY, the new logo - which has a subtle resemblance to the universal Yin & Yang symbol - signifies balance, stability, strength, and unity of all CHERRY brands, with the company’s mission to further reach out to our market through the same value-for-money innovations that the company is known for.

Mr. Maynard Ngu - CHERRY's CEO - shared, "CHERRY will be the same brand that Filipinos have loved since then, only this time we’re going bigger and better."

The company has also removed the word “Mobile” on its new logo and has an all-caps “CHERRY” dominating its design. This symbolizes a bigger vision to serve the Filipino market through a variety of products and services that fit their modern needs and lifestyles. Note, however, that the removal of the word "mobile" on the new logo does not mean that the company will no longer officer smartphones. Instead, this merely reflects the fact that CHERRY will henceforth come up with better and bigger innovations across the board.

If you are a keen CHERRY fan, you may have noticed that the new logo has made its debut on the best-selling Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier, released several weeks ago and has went on to become an everyday essential in the new normal. Moving forward, all CHERRY products will likewise carry the new logo.

Speaking of the new normal, aside from the Cherry Ion and Ion Lite, the company will continue provide health essential devices like UV lamps and Air Purifiers with very affordable price points. CHERRY wants to make sure that every Pinoy can own these essentials as their added protection amidst the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

Watch Mr. Maynard Ngu officially introduce the all-new CHERRY with affordable and innovative devices in one unified ecosystem:

To quote Mr. Ngu, "Since the groundbreaking catapult of Cherry Mobile in 2009, we are happy to announce that our vision to create one ecosystem for the Filipinos is now a reality. CHERRY carries an array of brands and services under its belt: Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, Cherry Home, and Cherry Pet, offering an extensive variety of products in communication technology, Internet of Things (IoT) system, home, health, personal, and even pet essentials.

He added, "CHERRY will continue to offer relevant products and pursue innovation to meet the needs of its evolving market and improve their overall quality of life. The new logo and name signify the start of the company’s mission to further reach out to our market through the same value-for-money and quality innovations that we’ve been offering since then. CHERRY will be the same brand that Filipinos have loved from the beginning. The brand has evolved and remains a proudly Filipino brand, for the Filipinos."

Lonson Alejandrino, One Cherry One Ecosystem

CHERRY's Vice-President for Product Development, Mr. Lonson Alejandrino, and Senior PR Head, Ms. Agnes Conopio, were also at the virtual event and they graciously answered questions from tech bloggers and the media. Sir Lonson talked about what their fans can expect on upcoming Cherry Android smartphones - which I'm sure many of you are excited about - while Ms. Aggy answered my question on the newly opened CHERRY Online Store, which I will talk about in a separate TechPinas entry.

Agnes Conopio, One Cherry One Ecosystem

Congratulations, CHERRY! I will always be your proud blogger partner! Cheers! Here's to bigger and more meaningful success in the years and decades to come!

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