My Google Adsense Tax Information Details in the Philippines as Blogger and Youtube Partner Video Content Creator

Earlier this month - March 2021, Google Adsense started to ask its partner publishers worldwide to submit or manage their new US Tax Information details to ensure that applicable taxes on payments are accurate.

As a result, many of my blogger and vlogger friends here in the Philippines have been messaging me and asking for advice on how to fill-up the form properly since I'm one of the more veteran Google Adsense Partners in our country.

I can't really say for sure if the way I answered my own Tax Info form is the ideal way to do it but nonetheless, as per your request, I'd like to share you how I did it. >
Let's do this step by step.

1. To create or manage your Tax Information form, simply click on "Manage tax info" link on the notification on top of your Adsense home screen.

Google Adsense Tax Information Details Philippines

2. In the next screen, click the blue "Add Tax Info" button.

Google Adsense Tax Information Details Philippines

3. You would then have to type in your username and password again for verification.

4. As a solo Filipino blogger who is not affiliated with a company, I chose "Individual", "No", and "W-8BEN" in the type of account, US citizenship, and W-8 tax form type options. Your case may be different so make the proper choice.

5. Next, I just typed in my name and skipped the option of adding a business name.

6. I then chose the Philippines as my country of citizenship.

7. I don't have a Foreign TIN (Tax Identification Number) so I just left those spaces blank. You would need a Foreign TIN if you're applying for Tax Treaty discount.

8. Moving forward, you just need to type in your current permanent resident address. 

I ran an issue with the "postal code". Google Adsense just won't accept my correct zip code here in Metro Manila so I just left it blank.

9. Tick the box for "Mailing address is same as permanent address" if you receive your mails at the residence address you provided.

10. This is perhaps the most important part of this process: The US Tax Treaty section.

The Philippines actually has a Tax Treaty Agreement with the United States to prevent double-taxation. However, to enjoy it, I believe you would need a Foreign Tax Identification Number, which is - as I've said - something I don't have.

Hence, I simply picked "No", which means that the United Stated may impose a 30% WHT on payments considered as "US Sourced" income. Nonetheless, this may be reduced or even eliminated for any payee that qualifies under a relevant tax treaty. I thought it sounded fair so I went with it.

11. After that I previewed my filled-up W-8BEN document and checked if all the details are correct.

12. When I saw that all details are accurate, I ticked the confirmation box.

13. Clicking on the "Next" button, I was taken to the Digital Signature section.

14. I just typed in my name and chose "Yes, I am the person listed in the signature section and am completing this form on my own behalf." Obviously, if you have your lawyer or representative fill-up the form for you, they would have to type in their own names.

As shown in the image above, I also picked "No" as my answer when asked if I have performed any activities and services for Google within the United States.

15. Finally, I just clicked submit to wrap up the process! Voila!

After a few minutes, I again clicked on the "Manage tax info" link on the notification on top of the home screen and I saw that my Form W-8BEN has been approved by Google Adsense.
Google Adsense Tax Information Details Philippines

Again, I just shared how I - personally - filled up the form as requested by some of my peers. Each of us may have a different case so I don't suggest that you copy all the choices I made above. Nevertheless, if you think we share a similar profile, then - by all means, study how I did it. Cheers!

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