Shopee Free Shipping Voucher Codes, Missing During Sale Dates? Do This!

For at least a couple of years now, online shopping giant Shopee has been holding "Free Shipping" sales once or twice each month.

However, over the past three months, I've been wondering why I couldn't seem to find all the Free Shipping Vouchers that Shopee offers whenever I use my desktop browser to make purchases during their sale dates.

Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

Since the items I buy at the website are must-haves for home-use during the pandemic, I'm usually forced to just pay for the shipping fee even if there's a "Free Shipping" banner on the product's thumbnail.

That was until I tried using Shopee's official mobile application on my Android smartphone.

Shopee Free Shipping Voucher Codes

Oddly enough, all the Free Shipping Vouchers - which are absent on my desktop version - are live on the Shopee mobile app. Kindly check the two images in this post for reference. I took those one after the other.

I'm not sure if this is a bug in Shopee's system but I know that I could have saved so much money on my previous Sale Date purchases if only the desktop version - which I prefer using - also showed the exact same voucher codes.

Perhaps, this is simply Shopee's way of encouraging buyers to use the mobile app instead of the website. Personally, though, I think desktop version users must also be able to enjoy all those free shipping offers since they are on the same site. I'm not hating on Shopee. I'm just saying.

Update: Apparently, some Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers can only be enjoyed when using the mobile application. If you have time, you can actually read it in the fine print.

Anyway. To put it simply, if your sale date Shopee Free Shipping Voucher Codes are missing when you use the web browser on your laptop and desktop to buy stuff, then open the mobile app on your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone to double-check. There's a big chance that they're just there.

If you don't have the Shopee mobile application yet, you can download and install it via Google Play Store for Android smartphones or Apple App Store for the iPhone.

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