How To Group Tabs in Google Chrome for Desktop and Organize Your Internet Browsing Experience

Are you getting sick and tired of all seeing all those open tabs on your Google Chrome browser whenever you go online on your laptop or desktop?

Is your productivity at work already being affected by all the clutter on your web browser?

Well, it's time to take control of your internet experience by managing all those tabs!

Google Chrome Group Tabs

The latest version of Google Chrome for Desktop, which is 89.0.4389.90 finally comes with a feature we've long been wishing for: Group Tabs! So make sure your browser is regularly updated.

1. The first thing you need to do is to update of your Google Chrome web browser. To do this, simply click on the vertical elipsis icon at the upper right corner of your window, go to Settings, and on the left side, click "About Chrome". There you can check and download updates if your version is not the latest.

Google Chrome Group Tabs work like Folders or Filing Cabinets where you can put multiple tabs to minimize clutter and make your browser look more organized.

Google Chrome Add To Group Tab

2. To make a Group Tab, simply right-click on the first tab that you want to put in it and choose "Add tab to a new group". Then, just type in the Tab name and choose a highlight color for it.

Google Chrome Group Tab

3. You can add other tabs to your new group by right-clicking on them, clicking "Add tab to group", and picking the Group Tab name where you want to put them.

Google Chrome Add to Group Tab

4. You can easily identify Group Tabs on your Google Chrome web browser by their bold, solid highlight colors as shown below. Again, you can pick the color you want when you create a new group.

5. To show all the tabs inside a Group, simply click on it once. You do the same to hide all the tabs within it.

I can't believe Google took this long to add Group Tabs to Chrome but I'm just glad that it's finally here to enhance our internet experience on laptops or desktops.

Now, I'm just wishing that Google could make Chrome even less taxing on resources. Often my laptops run hot just when playing Youtube videos on this browser. If Google can further improve Chrome in this department, that would surely help a lot of users, especially those who can't upgrade their system just yet.

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