Apple iOS 17 New Features, Supported iPhone Models, and Release Date

Apple has once again raised the bar with its latest operating system, iOS 17, set to be released on September 19, 2023 (September 20 here in the Philippines).

Packed with a slew of exciting features and improvements, iOS 17 promises to take your iPhone experience to the next level. In this article, we'll delve into the key features of iOS 17 and the iPhone models that will receive this highly anticipated update.

Apple iOS 17

Personalize Your Phone Calls

With iOS 17, Apple is putting the power of personalization in your hands. Now, you can customize what people see when you call. This feature adds a touch of uniqueness to your phone calls, allowing you to express yourself like never before.

All Your iMessage Apps in One Place

iMessage enthusiasts will rejoice with iOS 17's revamped Messages app. It brings all your iMessage apps into one convenient place. A simple tap on the new plus button reveals your most frequently used message elements, such as photos, audio messages, and your location. Additionally, you can now swipe up to access the full array of iMessage apps.

Safety and Convenience with "Check In"

iOS 17 introduces "Check In," a feature designed to enhance your safety. It automatically notifies a friend or family member when you arrive at a designated location, like your home, providing peace of mind to both parties.

Streamlined Message Navigation

Message management becomes a breeze with the new catch-up arrow, allowing you to jump to the first unread message in a conversation. Plus, you can swipe right on any message to send a quick reply, making your messaging experience more fluid and efficient.

Revolutionary Stickers

Stickers are given a major upgrade in iOS 17. They're now stored in a convenient drawer, accessible from your emoji keyboard, so you can use them anywhere emoji are supported. Additionally, you can create your own Live Stickers using your photos and apply effects like Shiny, Puffy, Comic, and Outline to stylize them.

FaceTime Gets Fun and Functional

FaceTime enthusiasts will love the new features in iOS 17. You can now leave a video or audio message when someone misses your FaceTime call, ensuring you can always convey your message. The addition of 3D augmented reality effects like hearts, confetti, and fireworks adds a playful dimension to your FaceTime calls. Furthermore, you can use your iPhone as a camera for FaceTime on Apple TV, taking your video calls to the big screen.

Enhanced StandBy Experience

When your iPhone is charging, you can now turn it on its side for a full-screen experience, making it even more useful while it's set down. Live Activities in full screen lets you stay updated on real-time information, such as game scores or food delivery progress, with ease. Interactive Widgets allow you to take actions directly from widgets, like playing music or controlling smart devices.

AirDrop Innovations

Sharing content with others is simpler than ever with iOS 17. NameDrop lets you quickly swap contact information with nearby iPhone or Apple Watch users. You can also initiate SharePlay by holding two iPhone devices close together for instant content sharing. Additionally, AirDrop transfers now continue over the internet, even if you step away.

Journaling App (Coming Soon)

iOS 17 introduces a new app called Journal, which provides an innovative way to capture and preserve life's moments. Using on-device machine learning, it offers personalized journaling suggestions based on your photos, music, workouts, and more.

Improved Keyboard and Autocorrect

iOS 17 enhances the keyboard experience by offering even more accurate autocorrect suggestions. Autocorrected words are temporarily underlined, allowing you to revert to the original word with a simple tap. Predictions now appear inline as you type, making typing more efficient.

Safari and Passwords

Safari in iOS 17 introduces the ability to create profiles, allowing you to keep your browsing separate for different purposes. It also delivers faster and more relevant search results and enhances private browsing. You can now autofill verification codes received in Mail and share passwords and passkeys with trusted contacts.

Collaborative Music Playlists (Coming Soon)

Music lovers will appreciate the upcoming ability to collaborate on playlists, where friends can add, reorder, and remove songs. Emoji reactions add a fun element to song choices in Now Playing.

AirPlay Expansions

AirPlay becomes smarter with on-device intelligence learning your preferences over time. Plus, AirPlay will soon be available in supporting hotel rooms, allowing you to securely share content from your iPhone to the TV.

AirPods Evolution

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) users will enjoy Adaptive Audio, which dynamically blends Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation to tailor the noise control experience as you move between environments. Additional updates improve muting, device switching, and reliability.

Maps Get Offline

You can now download maps for offline use, making navigation more reliable even without an internet connection.

Spotlight Enhancements

Spotlight now offers App Shortcuts in Top Hit, making it easier to access specific app actions quickly. Visual Look Up enhances the ability to discover information from photos and videos.

Health App Advances

iOS 17 brings new mental health and vision health features to the Health app, providing valuable insights for users.

Privacy and Security Improvements

Communication Safety now extends its protection to sensitive videos and photos and covers content sent and received through various apps. Users can also choose to blur sensitive content before viewing it. Enhanced permissions provide more control over data sharing, and Lockdown Mode enhances security.

And Much More

iOS 17 also includes numerous other improvements, including accessibility enhancements, new Memoji stickers, enhanced Reminders and Notes apps, improved PDF handling, detailed fitness activity history, and much more.

Compatible iPhone Models

iOS 17's wide compatibility ensures that a broad spectrum of iPhone users can enjoy its exciting features and improvements. Whether you're sporting the latest flagship models or holding onto your trusty older device, iOS 17 has you covered. This commitment to inclusivity is a testament to Apple's dedication to delivering a seamless and consistent user experience across its diverse range of iPhones.

For those who have embraced the cutting-edge technology of the Apple iPhone 15 series, iOS 17 continues to enhance your device's capabilities. Whether you own the sleek iPhone 15, the larger-than-life iPhone 15 Plus, the powerhouse iPhone 15 Pro, or the feature-packed iPhone 15 Pro Max, iOS 17 will elevate your smartphone experience to new heights. These devices represent the pinnacle of Apple's design and engineering prowess, and iOS 17 ensures that they remain at the forefront of innovation.

However, Apple's commitment to its users extends beyond the latest models. iOS 17's compatibility with devices as old as the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and even the second-generation iPhone SE demonstrates the company's dedication to supporting a wide user base. Basically, if own an iPhone that was released after Apple iPhone SE 2nd Gen, you will get iOS 17

To be specific, here are all the Apple iPhone models that support iOS 17:

iPhone SE 2nd Generation or later
iPhone XR
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone 14
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15

This inclusivity ensures that users with older iPhones can still enjoy the benefits of a modern and feature-rich operating system, enhancing the longevity and value of their devices. Whether you're an early adopter or have been with Apple for years, iOS 17 is designed to cater to your needs and preferences, regardless of your device's age.

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