"Should I Buy The Latest Apple iPhone?" Here's My Classic Answer

It's that time of the year again. The tech industry and the world as a whole is abuzz with conversations about the freshly announced Apple iPhone Series.

As the geek or the tech-guy in my family, barkada, or even online as a long-time technology blogger, I always get inundated with inquiries following the Cupertino company's iPhone event. This is my 15th year as a tech content creator so I've become quite used to it.

Whenever people ask me, "Sir Mark/Mac/Mamac/Milan/TechPinas, should I buy the latest Apple iPhone?", here's what I always tell them:

"If you want to and you can afford it without going broke, why not?"

2023 Apple iPhone 15 Series
The formal unveiling of the Apple iPhone 15 Series was done via the Cupertino company's "Wonderlust" event at Apple Park which was streamed live online on September 13, 2023 at 1AM here in the Philippines. The most affordable model in this line is the base Apple iPhone 15 128GB variant at PHP 56,990 and most expensive model is the flagship Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB version at a whopping PHP 108.990.

Given their exhorbitant price tags, buying any of the new iPhone models in itself is an impractical luxury that goes beyond logic -- unless you truly need their key features (mainly the advanced imaging algorithms) for work, which so few people in comparison to the total number of iPhone buyers actually do.

The truth is, many of the features of these new iPhones are so blatantly recycled from older models or clearly inspired by smartphones from other brands. Also, much of the Apple experience you can get from them is also available on previous iPhone models which should be more affordable by now.

Is it logical to buy the latest iPhone models? For extremely few people who need the beefed up imaging prowess, sure. However, for the great majority of consumers, it's illogical.

Is that so bad? Not really. Sometimes, doing illogical things - like falling in love with someone cute but not loyal or buying a bag that costs as much as a farm lot - can make us happy. Often, especially for those who can afford it, happiness is enough reason to splurge.

Oh, and also, we live in a material world. The Apple iPhone, especially the newest and most prized models, are a wealth and status signifier. If you understand and want that, then go ahead and buy it.

Be happy. We won't be here forever. Follow your heart. But don't go broke in satisfying your lust for status and luxury. Being broke is a leading cause of misery.

So there you have it. If you're also wondering if you should buy the lastest Apple iPhone and searching for answers online brought you here, I hope you found this editorial piece somehow useful.

Cheers, fellow Apple fans!

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