PLDT Internet Connection Problem Hotline Customer Support Contact Details

Having a reliable internet connection is crucial for school, work, and leisure in our highly digitally connected world.

If you are a PLDT internet subscriber, which is the leading home internet provider in the Philippines, there may be times when you encounter issues in your connection. In such cases, it's essential to have quick access to customer support to resolve these problems efficiently.

In this article, we'll provide you with the contact details for PLDT's Internet Connection Problem Hotline and other customer support options.

PLDT Internet Connection Problem Hotline, PLDT Cares

Facebook Page: PLDT Cares

Social media platforms like Facebook have become popular channels for customer support. 

You can reach out to PLDT through their dedicated Facebook Page for addressing your internet issues, which is Simply send them a message or comment on their posts, and a customer support representative should get back to you. Just be ready to provide support agents with relevant details about your PLDT account and internet problem.

By liking or following PLDT Cares on Facebook and checking their posts regularly, you can also be informed quickly about areas that will be affected by internet interruptions or outages due to various factors, like system upgrades.

Messenger Support

If you prefer using Messenger, you can easily connect with PLDT's customer support team through the following link:

This will redirect you to the Messenger app, where you can initiate a chat with a PLDT representative to discuss your internet-related concerns.

Support Websites

PLDT also has a website where you can get step-by-step guides on how to fix or address common internet-related issues that users experience. If you suspect that your connection issue is caused by your modem or your device settings and not really by the service provided by PLDT, you can visit for troubleshooting tips.

If you want to check if your entire street or barangay is affected by a service interruption, you may go to and key-in your PLDT landline number to view updates. You may also use this website for tracking updates on your repair ticket.

X / Twitter

Twitter is another platform where PLDT provides customer support. You can send a tweet or a direct message to @PLDT_Cares with your queries or problems related to your internet service.

PLDT Landline Phone Support

Sometimes, speaking to a customer support representative over the phone is the quickest way to address your internet issues. If you are a PLDT subscriber, you can call the hotline: Dial 171 via your PLDT Landline

By dialing 171, you will be connected to PLDT's customer support hotline, where a trained representative will assist you in resolving your internet problems.

SMS or Text Message

To inquire about the progress of your repair ticket or to determine if your locality is affected by a service disruption, you can send a complimentary message with the keyword PLDTTRACK to 8171 if you are using Smart or TNT services. Alternatively, for other network providers, you can utilize the number 0970-0000-171.

Service Disconnection Due to Unpaid Bills

In case your internet connection was disrupted due to a billing related concern, you can text PLDTHOMEBILL to 8171 for free if you are using Smart or TNT. Alternatively, for users on other networks, you can utilize the number 0970-0000-171.

For payment convenience, you can choose to make your payments through various online channels. You can find a comprehensive list of these channels by visiting

It's important to note that when you contact customer support, it's helpful to have your account details and a clear description of the issue you're experiencing ready. This will expedite the troubleshooting process and help the support team assist you more effectively.

PLDT offers various channels for customers to seek assistance with their internet-related problems. Whether you prefer reaching out through social media, messaging apps, or the traditional phone call, PLDT's customer support is readily available to help you get your internet service back on track. Stay connected, and don't hesitate to reach out when you encounter issues – PLDT is there to assist you!

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