OPPO Reno10 Series 5G League Influencers Share Sample Portrait Camera Photos

One of the many highlights or main selling points of the all-new and much-talked-about OPPO Reno10 Series 5G is its stellar imaging prowess.

All three models in this new line - namely, the OPPO Reno10 5G, the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G, and the OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G - feature the company’s innovative Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System that provides a pro-level imaging experience housed within each device’s signature slim, stylish, lightweight, and elegant design.

Hence, if you love taking photos of your loved ones and friends or if you simply love snapping shots while travelling locally and abroad, you will certainly find any model in the OPPO Reno10 Series 5G as a reliable and powerful imaging companion.

OPPO Reno10 Series 5G
During the official launch of OPPO Reno10 Series in the Philippines at the Manila Hotel, our friends from OPPO Philippines introduced the Reno League, which is composed of celebrities and influencers who best represent the kinds of consumers that the company’s newest premium handset line is made for.

In this exclusive article, I’ll talk about the key imaging hardware features of each OPPO Reno10 Series 5G model and also give you some sample shots taken by OPPO Reno10 Series 5G League Influencers who currently use these smartphones as their daily driver. These ambassadors will also share with us what they love most about their handset and hopefully, we could inspire you to check out these smartphones if you haven’t.

Alright! Let’s begin.

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G

As the most premium or most expensive model in this series at PHP 39,999, the OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G comes with the best camera system of the bunch. This smartphone features an amazing Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System that’s designed to deliver professional-grade portrait photographs. It is equipped with a 64 MegaPixel telephoto portrait camera with a wide f/2.5 aperture, a minimum focus distance of 25cm, and a sizable 1/2″ camera sensor, enabling a powerful portrait photography experience. Notably, this shooter has the highest resolution among smartphones with a telephoto camera currently available in the market. Furthermore, OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G offers an exceptional 6x optical zoom, letting users capture superb close-up portrait images with stunning clarity.

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G

The OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G's rear camera setup also includes a 50MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera that features OIS and a Sony IMX890 sensor, along with a 112° 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera that comes with Sony IMX355 sensor. With this impressive trio of cameras, the OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G unquestionably stands out as one of the top camera smartphones currently available in the Philippines.

Here are some sample photos by content creator and entrepreneur Laureen Uy, taken using her OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G. Kindly click all sample photos by influencers in this article for a larger view.

Laureen Uy, OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G Sample Camera Photo

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G Sample Camera Photo

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G Sample Camera Photo

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G Sample Camera Photo

When I asked what her favorite OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G imaging feature is, Laureen answered, “My favorite portrait camera feature has to be the zoom! I love the 3x and 6x zoom because it gets to capture all the details even when I'm so far away!”

In the images Laureen shared, I’d say the power of OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G zoom feature is most apparent in the photos of the altar, wherein we can still clearly see details on the melted candles, even after she zoomed in more than three times to snap a tighter shot.

Hotshot celebrity photographer Magic Liwanag also shared this sample photo he took using the OPPO 
Reno10 Pro+ 5G.

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G Sample Camera Photo

Just like Laureen, Magic also greatly appreciates the Zoom capabilities of this model.

He said, “When it comes to portrait cameras, the zoom option is my absolute favorite. I'm particularly fascinated by the 3x zoom because it allows me to capture every detail, even when I'm far away.”

For photographers, having a camera that allows them to zoom in a subject for better framing, composition, or story-telling, without losing clarity is a must. I guess that’s why Magic is particularly fond of this imaging feature of the OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G.

OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G

Although it’s more affordable than the flagship-level Pro+ model, the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G - which sits in the middle of the pack in terms of SRP at PHP 29,999 - surprisingly shares the same powerhouse 50MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera and 112° 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera as its pricier sibling. For me, this makes the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G a wise purchase for those who can’t spend more than PHP 30,000 on a new smartphone but still demand premium imaging performance from their daily driver.

OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G

One area where OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G has a disadvantage over the Pro+ model is in its telephoto shooter. Whereas the Pro+ model has a 64MP zoom camera with half-inch sensor, this one has a lower resolution 32 MP cam with a slightly smaller 1/2.74” sensor. Nevertheless, OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G’s telephoto shooter has a wider f/2.0 aperture so it’s capable of producing bright images even at night or in low light situations.

Lifestyle influencer and vlogger, David Guison, currently uses OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G as his daily driver and here are some of his photos taken using this smartphone.

David Guison OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G Sample Camera Photo

David Guison OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G Sample Camera Photo

David Guison OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G Sample Camera Photo

I asked David what he loves most in his OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G’s camera system and here’s what he said, “It’s hard to pick a favorite feature but it would have to be the 50MP IMX890 main camera. If you follow me on my socials, I really do love taking content - not just taking photos, but also posting them right away. May it be on Instagram stories, photo dumps on my Instagram feed and even sharing them on my TikTok. I love having a phone that does the job - and does it well.”

David added, "The OPPO Reno10 Series 5G is really the best Reno phone yet - as it takes stunning, sharp and beautiful photos that are perfect for any content creator like me or anyone who enjoys documenting everything. The 32MP Telephoto Portrait Camera is also a hard feature to beat as this is perfect for people who love experimenting with different angles and be more creative with their content. The Telephoto portrait Camera captures this so effortlessly."

As someone who also uses the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G as my daily smartphone, I have to agree with David. I am also in love with this handset’s imaging prowess and I find it very reliable for everyday point-and-shoot photography. More importantly, it excels in portraiture. Here are some portrait photos of OPPO Celebrity Endorser, Bea Alonzo, that I took during the launch of OPPO Reno10 Series 5G using the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G.

OPPO Reno10 5G

Donning an official suggested retail price of PHP 23,999, the OPPO Reno10 5G is the most accessible model in the OPPO Reno10 Series 5G. This makes it a great upgrade for budget-conscious consumers who are now ready to level-up from their entry-level handset or aging midrange smartphone to a more powerful device with great imaging capabilities.

OPPO Reno10 5G Camera

Even if it’s the most affordable model in the trio, the OPPO Reno10 5G is no push-over in terms of Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera features. Just like the Pro 5G, it has a 32MP Telephoto Portrait Camera with f/2.0 aperture and 1/2.74” sensor, which you can rely on for snapping photos of your loved ones with great clarity, even when there’s little ambient light. You can even zoom in without losing too much detail for better framing or composition.
Amazingly, the OPPO Reno10 5G shares the same 112° 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera as the more premium Pro and Pro+ versions. This is great news for those who love using that particular shooter for taking landscape and architectural photos or even for snapping large family or barkada group shots.

Also, what’s pleasantly surprising about OPPO Reno10 5G is that it actually has the highest resolution Ultra-Clear Main Camera of the bunch at 64MP with f/1.7 aperture! Although it has a smaller half-inch sensor compared to the 1/1.56” sensor on both the Pro and Pro+, this camera can certainly be relied on for casual photography or for capturing memories in images that can be shared on social media.

Professional volleyball and former Blue Eagle, Vanie Gandler, owns the OPPO Reno10 5G and here are photos that she took using her smartphone.

OPPO Reno10 5G Sample Camera Photo

OPPO Reno10 5G Sample Camera Photo

According to Vanie, “The 64MP Main Camera really captures the details of the subject being taken. I knew that the camera of the new OPPO Reno 10 5G was new and improved but I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good!”

“When I first tested it, I was so impressed with how my photos looked like they were taken by an actual camera,” she added.

Checking her Instagram account, Vanie appears to greatly enjoy taking photos of the cityscape, including buildings and tree-lined streets. Needless to say, the OPPO Reno10 5G makes it easy and convenient for her to do this. I noticed that she also posts lots of travel photos on social media so I bet that this smartphone is now her all-in-one tool for content creation and for staying connected, even in her many adventures out of town.

There you have it! I hope that this article as well as all these photos from OPPO Reno10 Series 5G League Influencers would prove useful to you in case you’re currently trying to figure out which model is right for you.

I’d say that regardless of your budget, you can’t go wrong with any of them as they all have incredible imaging capabilities on top of their other amazing features, which I will explore in future articles.
For now, if you wish so, you may jump to my side-by-side technical specifications comparison of OPPO Reno10 5G vs OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G vs OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G as preparation for my upcoming pieces about this series.

The OPPO Reno10 Series 5G is now accessible in authorized stores nationwide, including Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

Exclusive benefits await early Reno10 Series 5G adopters who are first to redeem the following on the MyOPPO App:

65 gift sets from Sacred Being
200 Ayala Malls Cinemas movie passes worth PHP 500
500 voucher codes worth 100 points each for the PickUp Coffee app

The OPPO Reno10 Series 5G is available via Globe Postpaid Plan starting at Plan 1799 without cash-out. The Reno10 5G and Reno10 Pro 5G are also available via Smart postpaid plan starting at Plan 999 with cash-out. All postpaid plan availments come with a free OPPO Enco Buds2.

Home Credit offers 0% installment options for 6/9/12/15/18 months across OPPO stores partnered with Home Credit.

Lastly, the OPPO Reno10 Series 5G is also available with 6 and 12-month 0% interest installment plans for all credit cards.

Those who want to upgrade to Reno10 Series 5G, can enjoy up to PHP 2,000 discount for transactions done via Shopee and Lazada, which they can redeem on the MyOPPO App.

For more about OPPO’s Reno10 Series 5G, visit www.oppo.com.ph or the official Facebook page, OPPO Philippines.

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