Benilde Open Design and Art 2024, Officially Announced

In commemoration of its 35th anniversary, the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde introduces the Benilde Open Design and Art 2024 (Benilde Open), an initiative that invites creative practitioners from various fields to contribute proposals for projects that have yet to be realized.

Officially announcing the Benilde Open Call, this initiative explores the theme of a curious mindset. Proposals are expected to center around curiosities related to movement and its connection to sustainability, the intersection of thought between craft and technology, and the integration of the virtual with the real. The call seeks projects characterized by an eagerness for investigation and experimentation, fostering renovation and innovation.

Benilde Open Design and Art 2024

Proposal submissions are open from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. The selected proposals will be unveiled in March 2024 after review and evaluation by a distinguished jury comprising local and international advocates from the creative industries. Each of the ten chosen projects will receive a grant of up to PHP 300,000, net of taxes, to support their realization.

Best of Benilde

The Benilde Open Design and Art 2024 also includes the Best of Benilde, a juried exhibition showcasing student works. All students of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde are invited to submit proposals for school projects aligned with the theme of curiosities, exploring aspects such as sustainability and movement, the convergence of craft and technology, and the investigation of digital or virtual realms.

The Best of Benilde aims to address fundamental questions: Is there a world that matches these ideals? Can such a world extend beyond imagination? Can we develop foundational designs and proposals to transform these concepts into tangible realities?

Envisioning The Future of Design and Art

Envisioned as a platform shaping art and design sensibilities, the Benilde Design and Art Open 2024 advocates for innovative and collaborative projects across diverse creative disciplines within and beyond the school. Facilitated by a team of convenors, including faculty, associates, and consultants in service of the school, the project underscores a creative democracy that transcends geographical, social, and educational boundaries.

Benilde Open Design and Art 2024

The convenors express their commitment to fostering creativity that spans various dimensions and inspirations, welcoming proposals from diverse disciplines. Emphasizing the spirit of openness, they affirm the inclusive nature of the initiative.

For additional information on the Benilde Design and Art Open 2024, including the call for proposals in two categories – Benilde Open and Best of Benilde – please refer to the official website: Stay updated by following the social media platforms @benildeopen on Instagram and TikTok, as well as BenildeOpen on Facebook. For inquiries, contact

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