realme Ships 200 Million Smartphones Globally in Just Five Years

In a remarkable journey from a startup to setting unprecedented records, realme has officially joined the esteemed '200 Million Club' on the global stage by surpassing 200 million units in smartphone shipments within a mere five years.

Since its entry into the fiercely competitive global market in 2018 and achieving the 100 million sales mark in 2021, realme has consistently defied challenges, solidifying its position as a key player. Notably, it has become the fifth-fastest brand to achieve the 200 million milestone, a testament to its resilience and innovation in the face of an evolving market landscape.

realme 11 Pro 5G and realme 11
In Q4 2023, realme was able to amass even more shipment numbers with the tremendous success of realme 11 Pro 5G and realme 11, which both became best-sellers in the Philippines.

Remaining steadfast to its commitment of delivering disruptive technology experiences rooted in consumer insights and fueled by continuous product innovation, realme has adopted the "No Leap, No Launch" approach. This strategy ensures a leap-forward in technology with each product generation, setting the brand apart in terms of tech, design, and performance.

Throughout its growth journey, realme has navigated the complexities of the global smartphone market, experiencing healthy and unwavering growth even amid challenging external conditions. The brand's influence and significance in the international market have risen, empowering realme to expand its mission of providing an enhanced product lineup to young users globally.

With its milestone of 200 million global shipments, realme has solidified its status as a mainstream international smartphone brand, particularly dominating emerging markets with an 88% market share. The brand's dedication to continuous innovation is evident in the establishment of the realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology, focusing on display, photography, gaming, and charging technologies.

Looking ahead to 2024, realme plans to elevate its technological capabilities by allocating a significant 470% increase in research and development spending. Collaborating with 33 leading international tech partners, the brand aims to pioneer cutting-edge technologies in imaging, gaming, display, and charging. Additionally, realme is set to expand its pool of tech talent with a 400% increase in research personnel.

Founder and CEO Sky Li, in the brand's fifth-anniversary open letter, emphasizes the end of the "elevator-style" development era in the smartphone industry. Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Li expresses confidence that each step brings realme closer to its next destination. 

As realme climbs toward new milestones, the brand remains committed to its original vision, continually scaling new heights, listening to its users, and fostering global growth, creating realme miracles collaboratively.

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