How Does OPPO Use AI and Robotics To Improve Product Innovation?

From the efficiency of robotic vacuum cleaners in hotel lobbies to smart robots delivering food in restaurants, intelligent robotics is rapidly reshaping various industries.

In the forefront of this technological shift is OPPO, employing smart robotics and proprietary AI algorithms to elevate its Research and Development (R&D) processes.

Accelerating R&D with AI and Robotics

At OPPO, intelligent robotic arms play a crucial role in product development and hardware/software performance testing. Designed for precision and consistency, these robots operate continuously, 24/7, significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of R&D.

OPPO AI Robotic Arm

OPPO Intelligent Imaging Lab

The Intelligent Imaging Lab in Dongguan is a testament to OPPO's commitment to objective mobile camera testing. Replicating real-life scenarios with smart robots, this lab drastically reduces testing time, ensuring OPPO smartphones undergo rigorous evaluations efficiently.

A smart robot capturing images in various scenes

OPPO Communication Lab

Ensuring seamless connectivity is fundamental to OPPO's Communication Lab. Simulating diverse network environments, including high-speed trains and crowded places, this lab utilizes robotic arms to mimic real smartphone usage, guaranteeing consistent communication experiences.

Photo: Testing smartphones in simulated environments at OPPO Communication Lab


In the NFC Lab, smart robotic arms conduct thousands of tests on different NFC terminals, ensuring read and write accuracy. This automated testing process, running 24/7, establishes OPPO as an industry leader in providing a consistent user experience.

Photo: Testing smartphones with various NFC terminals at OPPO NFC Lab


OPPO's XR Lab employs robotics to simulate positions and angles for head-mounted devices. This automation streamlines complex calibration processes, allowing the team to focus on creating seamless extended reality experiences.

MR Glass at OPPO XR Lab
Testing MR Glass at OPPO XR Lab

Making Smart Life Accessible

As technology advances, OPPO envisions a future where intelligent connectivity becomes an integral part of daily life. The rising popularity of smartwatches exemplifies this shift towards a seamlessly connected and technologically advanced lifestyle.

OPPO Health Lab

OPPO's commitment to health innovation is evident in the Health Lab. Advanced algorithms in the recently launched Watch 4 Pro detect blood vessel elasticity and offer various metrics for runners, making daily health management a reality for everyone.

OPPO Health Lab
OPPO Health Lab's in-depth R&D in health technologies

OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC

Addressing the demand for data storage and high-performance computing, OPPO's AndesBrain IDC is a large-scale data center constructed to support its hardware and software engineering. This facility showcases OPPO's dedication to reducing carbon emissions through innovative infrastructure solutions.

Air-cooling Server Room in OPPO AndesBrain IDC
Air-cooling Server Room in OPPO AndesBrain IDC

With nearly two decades of expertise, OPPO continues to lead the way in technological advancements. The integration of AI and robotics across its diverse labs and IDC not only accelerates product innovation but also reflects OPPO's commitment to creating a smarter, connected future for global users

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