Fluxmob Bolt Price is Php 2,800 : Powerbank and Mobile Charger in One! Perfect for Avid Travelers and Mobile Warriors!

If you've been following me and TechPinas for quite a while, it should be easy for you to figure why Fluxmob Bolt is one of my favorite gadget accessories currently.

Fluxmob Bolt

As I've said on Facebook, 'I love reversible jeans and reversible jackets. And I LOVE gadgets and accessories that have multiple functionality. Fluxmob Bolt is one such item; A powerbank and travel charger in one! Perfect for road warriors and avid travelers.'

Fluxmob Bolt

The Bolt is the product of a Kickstarter project started by Fluxmob Team on June 15, 2013, which proved to be so enticing to backers that it hit its $44,000 goal in just 10 days and was able to get a total funding of a whopping $90,253 from 1,790 worldwide backers upon its completion.

Fluxmob Bolt

Dubbed as the world's smallest combination battery backup and wall charger, Fluxmob Bolt - for me - is particularly attractive because it allows me to carry less stuff in my bag when I'm out and about. It's a 3,000 mAh powerbank and a travel charger wrapped into one sleek package!

Fluxmob Bolt
Design-wise, what's cool about this charger is that its metal prongs can be folded so you don't have to worry about them scratching the other devices in your bag.

Fluxmob Bolt
It also has a nice matte, rubbery texture which feels great when you touch it. And it's also not a fingerprint magnet, making the accessory look pristine all the time.

Fluxmob Bolt
As a powerbank, Fluxmob Bolt has a capacity of 3,000 mAh and you can check how much charge there is left by clicking on the product's sole hard button -- the more blue LED bulbs light up, the more charge it has.

Fluxmob Bolt
Fluxmob Bolt has Fast Charge feature, which is lacking in other powerbanks. This allows you to charge smartphones and tablets in less time.

So is this product right for you? Well, if you don't mind spending a bit more on one product if only to have less items to carry in your pack (and worry about), then go for it. I think its a cool accessory which many geeks and gadget enthusiasts would be instantly interested in when you show it to them. If anything, it's unique and it makes for a great conversation piece.

Fluxmob Bolt is now available at all Power Mac Center outlets nationwide. You may also get it online via Lazada. Again, it sells for only Php 2,800 -- and it's available in a variety of color combos including, Stealth (Dark Grey + Dark Grey), Graphite (Dark Grey + Light Grey, shown in the photos above), Argon (Dark Grey + Royal Blue), and Crimson (Dark Grey + Red). I highly recommend this product, TP Friends!

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