Samsung Galaxy Note5 Specs, Actual Unit, and Packaging Design, Leaked!

SGNote5, Samsung's 2015 flagship phablet superseding the metal-clad Note 4, is already slated for official announcement across the world tomorrow.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

But if you can't wait a few more hours to see it, then here you go.

Update as of August 14, 2015, 12PM: Samsung Galaxy Note5 has just been officially announced. And all the leaked information detailed in this post turned out accurate or on-point.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

These photos were posted online by an anonymous Reddit user named, iNoob.
I think these are the real deal.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

As you can see, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 simply looks like a bigger version of Samsung Galaxy S6. It flaunts the same glass-metal-glass sandwich design identity that made the S6 the most gorgeous smartphone the Korean company has released to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Apart from heft and screen size, the biggest difference between the two flagships is that - of course - the Note model comes with a slot at the rear for its stylus. Earlier, there were reports that the SGNote5's pen will have an auto-eject feature via software and a spring-loaded mechanism. The leaked photo above doesn't give us any new insight regarding that -- so I guess confirming its veracity is one thing to look forward to in the formal announcement tomorrow.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

iNoob likewise posted images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5's packaging. Again, I believe the are for real.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Just like the box of both SGS6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, SGNote5's case shows a list of the phablet's key technical specifications. Looking at the photo above, it's clear that the 2015 smartphone-tablet hybrid is equipped with a 64-Bit Octa Core chipset (Exynos 7420, most probably), 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (believed to be non-expandable; Though, there were reports that the purported Dual SIM variant's secondary SIM slot supports microSD cards as well), 16  MegaPixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization, Wireless Charging capability, and a massive 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display panel.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Bonus: This image pretty much confirms that Samsung will also release a larger version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, featuring a screen that gently curves down its sides. Already being called 'Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus', this variant will feature the same technical specifications as the regular version and - as shown in the photo - has a slightly smaller footprint compared to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

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