Sky Broadband HBO Go and Sky On Demand Lets You Watch TV Shows and Movies On Your PC, Smartphone, or Tablet

Just like almost all of you guys, I grew up watching TV. From educational morning shows to animes in the afternoon, from Mexico-novelas in the evening to tagalized action series before midnight (name it!), I'd seen them all growing up.

From my early childhood days until my college years at the Ateneo, I felt like watching TV was almost a 'vice' as it was taking up too much of my time and making me less productive at school work - or at least that's what I thought.

These days, as a tech blogger and a young professional, I've found a more practical and meaningful reason for watching TV series and movies at home and on my mobile devices; They help me deal with stress and relax after a long day at work. And considering the nature of my profession, that's big.

Sky Broadband HBO Go

And that's why I'm so grateful that there are now value-added services like HBO Go and Sky On Demand from Sky Broadband that let me watch TV shows and movies on my PC as well as my smartphone and my tablet, helping me relax even when I'm not in front of our Smart TV at home.

Sky Broadband HBO Go

Available to Sky Broadband Plan 5Mbps and above for free and just Php 99 per month for Lite Plan and Plan 3Mbps, HBO Go allows users to enjoy instant and unlimited access to all episodes of every season of the best and latest HBO shows, movies, comedy, sports and documentaries within 12 hours of its US release! On top of that, it also gives you 1,000 hours of award-winning and exclusive HBO Original Content through internet screening. And what's great is that you can interconnect between all of your registered mobile devices so can easily resume viewing left off. Also, you can even personalize your preferred content with a customized watchlist and password-protected parental control if you want your kids to also use the service. You may visit Sky Broadband's HBO Go page for more information.

Sky On-Demand

On the other hand, Sky On Demand practically gives Sky Broadband subscribers the complete Sky Cable experience on their computers, smartphones, and tablets! And if you wish you, you can even purchase the 'Sky On Demand Digibox' for only Php 399 so you can also enjoy it on your big TV.

Sky On-Demand

Sky On Demand - which you can access via its official website and through intuitive mobile applications for both iOS and Android - gives you the biggest line-up of live TV channels - both local and international, across all genres - such ABS-CBN, Food Network, Basketball TV, Disney Channel, AXN, History Channel, Warner TV, and many more!

Sky On-Demand

And here's the coolest part: Sky Broadband is currently offering a 60-day no-commitment, no-hidden-charges Sky On Demand trial to all of its subsribers! To inquire, you may text 23667, call Sky Broadband hotline 381000 for Metro Manila, or visit your local SKY office.

I particularly love watching my favorite TV series and documentaries in bed before going to sleep at around 5 o'clock in the morning (See, I love working in my home office at night; I'm a night owl). I use my smartphone for that and I'm just happy that there are apps like the ones for HBO Go and Sky On Demand to make my viewing experience more enjoyable.

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