E-Trike : Electric Tricycle

Informal statistics show that, in the Philippines, tricycles outnumber all other forms of public transport - kalesas, jeepneys, buses, pedicabs and taxis - combined.

This would have been great news -- except that it's an undeniable fact that tricycles aren't only noisy but also highly prone to smoke belching; all 2.8 Million of them.

Late last year, in an effort to address criticism surrounding the Pinoy road icon, a Filipino father-and-son inventor-tandem from Marilao Bulacan embarked on a venture to modernize the Filipino tricycle. "Now is the time to eliminate the very damaging effect of noise and [air] pollution generated by tricycles," shared Mr. Antonio Aguilar and his son, Allan, while unveiling their creation: The first ever electricity powered tricycle that they aptly named E-Trike.

"The E-Trike Electric Tricycle is the better alternative to gas-fed tricycles," they proclaimed, "No gas, oil, noise and smoke." The E-Trike is fully automatic and runs merely on batteries that hold charge well. Because there are less parts needed to run it, the units are cheaper and maintenance costs, less.

Learn more about E-Trike by watching this video:

E-Trike Electric Tricycle has been patented by the Intellectual Property Office of the Department of Trade and Industry and has been fully accredited by the Land Transportation Office of Department of Trade and Communication.

The E-Trike is already being used as a free public transport system in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and in La Mesa Eco-Park.

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  1. Eagle Motorcycle Philippines is now working with Mayor Hagedorn on this EV conversion.



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