Filipino Stove Invention Honored

Mr. Alexis Belonio and his Award-winning Rice Husk Stove Invention
Photo Credit: Rolex Awards Website

The prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise recently honored Alexis Belonio, an associate professor of agricultural engineering at Central Philippines University in Iloilo City, for his ingenious invention; a low-cost, rice husk powered Stove.

Retailing at just $25 -- well within reach of the masses, the stove works by converting burning rice husk fuel to a combustible blend of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane gases. Rice husk is generally considered as a waste product -- hence, the stove is truly environment-friendly. In fact, Belonio assured that nothing goes to waste. Even the burned char from the combustion process could be recycled as fertilizer for rice fields.

“I will focus on disseminating the stove throughout the world,” he proudly proclaimed. “To achieve this, I will produce more publications to show people how to do it.” As of the moment, the stove is already widely used not only in the Philippines but also in Indonesia and Cambodia.

The Rolex Awards, founded in 1976, has been consistently supportive of pioneering work in technology and innovation, science and medicine, exploration and discovery, the environment as well as cultural heritage.

Read full story of Mr. Alexis Belonio and his amazing invention HERE.

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