BlackBerry PlayBook with BlackBerry 7 Smartphone : A Powerhouse Pair!

If you already own a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, why not pair it with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to get an unparalleled messaging and multimedia experience?

I've always said that BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry 7 smartphone - even separately - are amazing devices. For me, BBPB is easily the best tablet out there in terms of true multitasking, music and video playback and web-browsing; Its easy-to-use OS, intuitive and smooth user interface, flash-support, dual 1080p video cameras and front-facing speakers truly make it - quite frankly - the tablet to beat in terms of actually getting things done. On the other hand, the security, messaging, social networking integration, enterprise applications set and web-browsing prowess that a BlackBerry 7 smartphone has definitely make it an ideal phone for people with purpose.

Now, imagine having those two devices working together to help you accomplish your daily tasks. What you'll have is a powerhouse pairing that only BlackBerry can provide.

As I've earlier explained on TechPinas, you can pair a BlackBerry 7 smartphone with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via BlackBerry Bridge technology. Last December, I uploaded a video on how you can use BB Bridge to connect the two devices and a use a special set of applications to access content on your BB Smartphone on your BB PlayBook tablet. Check it out via the link.

Let me share with the five BlackBerry Bridge features I truly enjoy using --

1. Access and compose messages on a bigger screen - Of course, there's nothing like seeing all the messages and emails in your inbox on a 7-inch crisp and bright display. Not only do the words become bigger and more readable, you also get bigger buttons to click to open unread messages and a big virtual keyboard for typing your emails.

blackberry playbook
BlackBerry PlayBook paired with a BlackBerry Torch 9810

blackberry playbook

2. Easily set-up appointments - Managing your calendar will be a lot easier on a large screen. Also, if you're using a BlackBerry Curve 9360, you'll greatly appreciate BBPB's capacitive touchscreen with viewing or setting up appointments.

blackberry playbook

3. Access BBM - This is a feature that many BlackBerry fans have long been asking for and BlackBerry has finally given them what they want. Yes, you can now access your BBM on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

blackberry playbook

4. Use BB Smartphone as remote control - I find this feature particularly useful when doing Powerpoint presentations for clients. While my tablet is linked to a bigger display via HDMI, I can stand near the giant screen and still be able to jump from one slide to another using my BlackBerry smartphone. It's pure genius.

blackberry playbook

5. Type memos and tasks easily - Again, the BBPB's big high-resolution display, responsive Gorilla Glass touchscreen and large virtual keyboard make reading and typing tasks and memos fast and easy.

blackberry playbook

So there you. Let me know if you have questions and inquiries about this powerhouse pair.

Oh, and by the way, we're giving away a BlackBerry PlayBook paired with BlackBerry Curve 9360 via an essay writing contest. The deadline for submitting is at 11:59:59 PM on May 21, 2012. There's still time to join! Send your entries now!

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