SGS3 is Designed for Humans, Says Its TVC : Does That Mean Other Smartphones are Made for Sheeps or Robots?

Have we really reached a point where smartphones and other gadgets are being designed for creatures other than humans - like sheeps or robots, perhaps - that Samsung has decided to state the seemingly obvious in describing its new flagship handset?

Samsung Galaxy S3 "Designed for Humans"

Obviously appealing to human emotions, the TVC - first shown last May 3, 2012 to the Samsung Unpacked audience in London - has this copy, chopped up, flashing in between supposedly 'heartwarming' clips:

"It understands you, shares what's in your heart, keeps track of loved ones, recognizes who you are, follows your every move, sees your best side, shares the warmth of nature, waits till you're asleep."

If you haven't seen the commercial, you can watch it here:

Really, there are a lot of moving scenes. This one is my favorite:



"I for the Icicle, frosty and cold.

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