Nokia Lumia 800 8 MegaPixel Camera Sample Photos Taken at Hong Kong Disneyland

In my recent Nokia Lumia 800 Philippines unboxing and initial impressions post, I mentioned that one of the things I found impressive about the smartphone is its 8 MegaPixel camera.

3. Putting the [Windows Phone] OS aside, one area where Nokia Lumia 800 totally excels in is in taking photos. Not all 8 MegaPixel cameras are alike and I guess the Carl Zeiss optics really made this phone extra-special. The quality of shots (and even videos) I got from Nokia Lumia 800 approximate that of Nokia N8.

To prove the last statement, I've taken the liberty of uploading some 8 MegaPixel shots that I took using Nokia Lumia 800 from me and my mom's visit to Hong Kong Disneyland last April 19, 2011. All photos were taken using automatic settings and under various lighting conditions. Check them out (Click on the photos for full resolution view);

This 'Chicken with Brocolli' food shot pretty much shows the Macro mode or close-up capabilities of camera.

Purple lights, my favorite color.

Landscape shot showing the Disneyland Palace.

Some greenery.

My mom, after lunch.

Fancy buildings.

This is me having lunch with my mom. I included this to show you how well the camera captures Pinoy skintone with flash on.

'It's a Small World' a must-visit spot in Hong Kong Disneyland!

There you go. Let me know what you think about the quality of these photos. Personally, I think they are totally above average for images taken using but a cameraphone. Thumbs up, Nokia!

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