Is Apple Threatened by Nokia Lumia 900? Why Rig Siri's Answer?

If you bothered to ask Siri what's the best smartphone ever last week, you would have gotten this very clear, borderline scientific answer --

apple nokia lumia

Based on a statistical ranking mechanism by Wolfram Alpha, Siri deemed the Windows Phone powered flagship, Nokia Lumia 900, the best smartphone ever.

Ask Siri that question again today and you will get this boring response --

apple nokia lumia
Come on, they could have at least quoted Wolfram Alpha in the new botched-up answer to make it look a tad believable.

Clearly, a switcheroo happened along the way; Somebody - obviously from the team behind Siri - rigged the results. Why?! Is it because Apple is threatened by Nokia Lumia 900? Don't you think this gesture reeks of insecurity?

Anyway. Following Siri's change of tune on the question, Nokia spokesperson Tracey Postill sent an official statement to Sydney Morning Herald the other day. And I quote,

"Apple positions Siri as the intelligent system that's there to help, but clearly if they don’t like the answer, they override the software."

She told it like it is. And I couldn't agree more.

PS: Nokia Lumia 900 Philippines will be officially launched in the country via Lumianation Event happening at The Fort in Taguig this evening. So I guess, in a few hours, I'll know for sure if the Finnish company's 2012 flagship handset is indeed the best smartphone ever.

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