Techie Pinoy Kids : The Most Connected in The Whole of Asia Pacific, According to Recent Study

I think it's great that Pinoy kids seem to have no problems adapting to new technology. Now, if we can only make sure they'll grow up to be well-rounded individuals who will use technology for the betterment of society, then I'll be completely confident about the future of this country.

According to Cartoon Network's New Generations 2012 study, techie Pinoy kids are the most connected in the whole of Asia Pacific!

Based on face-to-face in-house interviews with 1,000 randomly selected kids - aged 7 to 14 years old, across various socio-economic classes - from Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, the researchers found out that 2/3 or around 65% of their young Filipino respondents own a mobile phone, which is the highest in the region -- higher than even Australia and Taiwan!

Furthermore, the researchers learned that more than half of these techie Pinoy kids have internet access at home and a whopping 82% of those who in live homes with a computer go online every week! 58% of the respondents play games online while 52% log on to their social networking sites every single day. Gee, I wonder how many of them actually read TechPinas. Gotta love our young readers; They are the future.

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"The findings show young Pinoys not only have the know-how in the digital space, but increasingly have the tools to consume and experience media across multiple platforms - from TV to PC, from their tablet to phone," shared Duncan Morris, Vice President of Research and Market Development, Turner International Asia Pacific, which owns Cartoon Network. (News Source)

So what gadgets are accessible to these kids at home? Well, 38% of them watch TV on a flat screen; 54% can always use a digital camera; 20% have a smartphone (as opposed to a feature phone) within reach, while 16% of homes have a tablet.

Ain't Pinoy kids the coolest? Let's guide them well.

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