Nokia PureView 808 Philippines Launch Date is Sometime in June 2012! Actual Prototype Unit, Spotted at Lumianation! TP Exclusive!

TechPinas Exclusive!

"Mark, I saw a guy playing with a Nokia 808 Pureview!" my friend Jam of JamOnline giddily told me and Martin of WidgetCity while we were having a drink at the Lumianation bar last Friday. (That's perhaps the common thing about all young tech bloggers; We all just get super-excited at the sight of unreleased - future best-selling - flagship gadgets.)

"We wanted to borrow the unit for photos but I don't think he's ready to show it to us yet. It might be confidential."

"Who's the guy?" I asked.

"He's wearing a white and grey checkered shirt, I think."

And just a second after Jam said that, almost like magic, Ms. Nikka Abes - Nokia Philippines' Corporate Communications Manager - with her husband George appeared in front of us.

Now, if there's one person who can actually give us access to that phone, I know for sure that it's Nikka. So I grabbed the opportunity and asked her about the phone, "Nikka, Jam told me there's a guy here who has a Nokia PureView 808! OMG! I wonder if we can check it out."

"Mike has a prototype. Who's the guy?"

And again, as soon as she said that - almost magically - the guy with the white and grey checkered shirt appeared behind Nikka. "Mark, that's the guy," Jam whispered to me.

"Nikka! Behind you! That's the guy!" giddily, I passed the word to Nikka.

Turns out, that guy is Noel from Nokia Philippines and he's currently reviewing the Nokia 808 PureView prototype.

So how did the story end? Well, it ended with us getting the chance to play with the undisputed best cameraphone in the world today;

nokia 808 pureview philippines
Me with my future cameraphone, the handsome Nokia 808 Pureview!

nokia 808 pureview philippines
Nikka holding it; Check out the face of the phone up-close!

nokia 808 pureview philippines
At the back, you'll find that much-talked-about camera bump (one of the phone's distinguishing design features), which only shows you how ginormous this cameraphone's sensor is.

nokia 808 pureview philippines

As I've earlier explained on TP, Nokia 808 PureView flaunts an unprecedented 41 MegaPixel camera -- That's more than thrice the resolution you'll get with the former best camera phone in the world - Nokia N8, which held the title for three straight years!

But 808's massive sensor is hardly about snapping billboard-sized shots (who needs those on a daily basis anyway), it's about having enough power to shoot regular-sized 5 to 8 Megapixel photos with stunning brilliance and clarity.

nokia 808 pureview philippines
The prototype's camera in Pureview mode!

Nokia 808 PureView achieves this by using an imaging technology called 'oversampling' which compresses up to seven pixels into one 'pure' pixel - hence the name 'PureView'. This eliminates visual noise found on cameraphone shots and greatly improves 808's performance in low light conditions. On top of this, users can zoom in and out on a subject without losing a lot of details in the shot -- a feature that also makes the phone's Full HD 1080p video recorder one of the best out there.

Watch me play with the Nokia PureView 808 Prototype:

Xenon flash for stills and LED Torch light for the videos, confirmed!

TP Initial Impressions: There are at least three things that I absolutely love about this smartphone. First, the build and construction, which is very polished and feels extremely solid in the hand. Also, I noticed that the matte texture at the back helps give you an even firmer grip on the handset. Second, Nokia Belle operating system and its new gorgeous UI felt incredibly smooth on the 808 prototype; Thanks to its 1.3 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, I guess. And lastly, of course, I love the camera; It's just the real deal. In PureView mode, details and colors appear extremely clear, crisp and vibrant; Easily the best I've seen from a cameraphone or even a full-fledged digital camera.

So when will it be available and how much will it cost? Well, Nikka told me that Nokia PureView 808 should be launched sometime in June. Usually, the actual release date follows a week or two after the launch. As for the official suggested retail price, well, we don't have word yet -- but the TP Guesstimate is around Php 25,000.

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