BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Specs, Price and Release Date Guesstimate : BB10 Smartphones, To Be Announced Tonight! Which Of The Two Do You Prefer?

I know it's only a matter of hours before Research in Motion officially unveils its initial batch of BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

But if you're such a big BlackBerry fan that you simply can't contain your excitement no more and just can't wait any longer to see RIM's much awaited handsets, then I present to you BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 BlackBerry Q10 both running the all-new BB 10 operating system! They're so hot!

blackberry z10, bb10 smartphones

According to earlier reports and leaks, flagship release BlackBerry Z10 (shown in the photo above beside Apple iPhone 5) flaunts a 4.2 inch 768 x 1280 pixels display, 16GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card slot, 1800 mAh battery, an 8 MegaPixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 2MP shooter in front, and a 1080p video recorder. The sleek handset runs BlackBerry 10 operating system with a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor and handles multi-tasking with 2 GB of RAM.

blackberry z10, bb10 smartphones

Update as of 11:38 PM, January 30, 2012: Instead of BlackBerry X10, BlackBerry calls the new BB10 Touch and Type handset, BlackBerry Q10. Also, from this point forward, Research in Motion shall be known simply as 'BlackBerry'; One Brand, One Promise.

blackberry q10, bb10 smartphones

BlackBerry X10 Q10, which looks like the best-selling BlackBerry Bold 9900 albeit with a slightly larger 3-inch display, offers an already familiar combination of a touchscreen and RIM's much-loved fretted keyboard for an easy and quick typing experience. This smartphone likewise runs BlackBerry 10 OS with a 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor and features an 8 MegaPixel main camera, 2MP shooter in front, and a Full HD video recorder.

blackberry q10, bb10 smartphones

But, of course, the true highlight of these releases would be the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which comes with a slew of exciting enhancements including the revamped BlackBerry Hub for all messages, emails, and social networking accounts, BlackBerry Balance for managing multiple profiles, the all-new Camera Application that can take time-lapse shots among many other image settings, and the RIM's ultra-smooth Flow user interface, which supports true multi-tasking.

They're hot and all but how much will these handsets cost and when will they be out in the market? Well, according to 'insider reports', BlackBerry Z10 shall come with a price tag of $755 without contract (or Php 30,690 with current conversion and before taxes) while BlackBerry Q10 will cost around $549 (or Php 22,297). Both phones are expected to hit store shelves and become available via network carriers within Q1 the first half of 2013.

Update as of January 31, 2012: Both BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 have just been officially announced by BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion). BlackBerry Z10 will sell for only $599 (or Php 24,337 with current conversion and before taxes) in the United States while the official SRP of BlackBerry Q10 will be announced closer to its release date in April.

So which of these two hot BlackBerry 10 handsets do you prefer? Kindly share your thoughts in our comments section.