Cherry Mobile Cruize Review by Actual Owner, Sample Camera Shots, In the Flesh Photos, User Interface Screengrabs!

Two days ago, TP Friend Jim Paul de Jose left this comment in our Cherry Mobile Flare vs. Cruize technical specifications comparison entry:

"I've bought Cherry Mobile Cruize this morning and so far, I'm happy with it. The main reason why I bought this one instead of Cherry Mobile Flare is that it has larger screen size and better battery capacity.

I've experienced two glitches while using it a while ago (I'm currently charging the phone right now...) one is that its display is somewhat blurred while playing some game like Fruit Ninja. The other is that I've got some lags while using it especially when running apps simultaneously (multitasking).

Despite of these, the whole user experience was fairly good, you have a large screen display for playing games and videos and you also got an extra power to finish an entire movie or perhaps a bunch of your music playlists.. Given its price tag (Php4,499.00), this phone is surely a winner in terms of its features (a true value for your money)."

Upon reading it, I immediately thought of asking him if he'd be interested in sharing in the flesh photos of the handset as well as doing a quick review of the device for TechPinas -- to which he unselfishly said yes. Really, we should thank Jim Paul for being so kind and giving by sharing this post and his work on Facebook and Twitter.

Moving on, here are photos of the front and back panels of Cherry Mobile Cruize that he shared with us:

cherry mobile cruize, cherry mobile

cherry mobile cruize, cherry mobile

As for the quick review, Jim Paul simply dished out his thoughts about some of the key features of the handset:

1) The 5.2" Screen - [While large, the display] lacks sharpness and gets blurred on some occasions like when viewing photos and playing games but provides adequate space for on-screen display.

2) The 2500 mAh Battery - This is probably the winning factor of this phone over Flare as it does really provide you the power to last for almost a day with regular use.

3. Video Playback - Not suitable for playing high resolution videos (720p) as you will experience lag during playback.

4. Audio Playback - Playing mp3 on this phone is good, much better than Flare I think. Loud and clear.

5. Imaging Capabilities - The images taken by the camera are quite acceptable. With its 8MP resolution you will have a decent picture taken but don't expect too much detail on it. The photos were just fine but for me, they still lack sharpness.

Sample photos taken using Cherry Mobile Cruize. Click to view in full resolution.

6. Gaming - Given its big screen, you will enjoy playing games on it. The only thing I find annoying is that its display is a little bit blurry especially when playing those games with fancy graphics. The games I have tried on this phone are: Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Star Wars, Jetpack Joyride, Raging Thunder 2 Lite, Subway Surf, Temple Run 2, Where's My Water?, and Wind-up Knight.

7. Multitasking - Most of the time, I experience lag when I'm multitasking on this phone (playing game with some apps open in the background like Play Store, Music Player, etc.). Should you get it, I'd suggest that you close / exit some apps that you're not using and you will have a far smoother experience.

8 Call and Text Functionality - I have not yet tested its call functionality but as for texting, it is quite good. You have a large display for the virtual keyboard so you won't have difficulty typing your text message. [Of course, you can also type SMS in landscape mode to get even larger keys.]

Short and direct to the point! I like that. I love people who don't talk in circles and just tell it like it is. Wrapping up his quick review, Jim wrote, "There it is Mark, thank you for giving me this privilege to write something on this site, hope you appreciate it." But really, I should be the one thanking him for his trust and support. "Thanks, bro!"

PS: Oh, and for those who've been asking me about how ICS user interface looks on the Cherry Mobile Cruize, check out these screengrabs courtesy of Jim --

cherry mobile cruize, cherry mobile

cherry mobile cruize, cherry mobile

cherry mobile cruize, cherry mobile