Kimstore Multiply Gadget Mega Sale: Get Php 5,000 Off Purchases Worth Php 20,000 and Above!

Gadget prices are already crazy low at Kimstore but "the most trusted online gadget store in the Philippines" - in partnership with Multiply - has just decided to make deals even sweeter for its loyal customers!

kimstore multiply

Last night, I received a call from Kim Lato of Kimstore who excited told me that - in line with their celebration of 100,000 likes on Facebook - they're now taking a whopping Php 5,000 off on gadget purchases worth Php 20,000 and above! Isn't that super?!

If you want to take advantage of this absolutely incredible offer (which you should) before it ends on January 31, 2013, here's what you have to do:

1. Check with Kimstore if item you desire is available.
2. At Kim's Multiply website (, click the BUY NOW button beside the item you want to buy.
3. Proceed with the checkout and enter email address.
4. Enter the discount code: PH-GADGET5KOFF (This is very, very important.)
5. Select a payment option and enter shipping address.

You may participate in our promo with or without a Multiply ID. And here's what's totally hot: This deal is valid for cumulative purchases worth Php 20,000 and above. So now's your chance to grab that 'DSLR, tablet, and smartphone combo' that you've always, always dreamed of! (*whispers* Just a tip: If you have friends who are also planning to purchase a gadget, then you might want to take advantage of this offer as a group. Just have one of you make the 'barkada' purchase and you're good to go.)

I've said this before and I will say it again, "Buong puso ang pagtitiwala ni Mark ng TechPinas kay Kim ng Kimstore." (Translation: "Mark of TechPinas whole-heartedly trusts Kim of Kimstore.")

Update as of January 26, 2012: As most of you already know, this promo by Kimstore and Multiply had to be concluded way earlier than what was initially planned largely due to the sheer number of buyers who immediately jumped on it upon launch. Kim of Kimstore understands the frustation of those who weren't able to take advantage of this offer so she sent me this official statement, which I've decided to publish exclusively here in TechPinas:

"Our pioneering P5,000 off promo, generously initiated by our partners at Multiply Philippines, was originally intended to run until the end of January. The objectives of the campaign were met earlier than expected – very early in fact – that if the promo pushed through until January 31, compromises will have to be made in terms of service efficiency and our long-term objectives for customer satisfaction.

Rest-assured, however, that this will not be our last promo of such nature and that the abrupt suspension of the promo will be for the better, both for the Multiply sellers as well as for the customers. I'm grateful to Multiply for making this promo happen and for bringing happiness to a lot, and we say A LOT, of gadget lovers nationwide. I thank all of you for supporting and trusting Kimstore. Maraming salamat po sa pagtitiwala at wag po kayong malulungkot dahil patuloy po kaming magsusumikap para maibigay sa inyo ang mga gadget na inyong ninanais sa abot kayang halaga.

To those who ordered and followed the guidelines precisely, you will receive your gadget in perfect condition. There may be delays in shipping due to the volume of transactions, but we will ship immediately once payment has been verified - first come first serve :) Kimstore will ship your unit on that same day after payment verification (notified via email)."