Temple Run 2 on Nexus 7 Android Tablet Quick Demo : Download The Game on Your Android Devices Now!

I've just downloaded Temple Run 2 on my Nexus 7 slate.

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The follow-up to Imangi Studios' immensely successful running game is now available for free at Google Play Store - so if you're fan of the original release or if you're just looking for a cool new game to run on your Android device, just download and install it now.

As I've shared on TP's initial Temple Run 2 entry, "If you're thinking that Imangi Studios merely added a few trees or made the lake move in this much-anticipated follow-up, you're in a for a big, big surpise. The Washington DC based developer team reworked the entire game, giving fans not just previously unseen maneuvers like riding a mine cart or hang gliding on rope but a whole new temple altogether -- one that's literally hidden in the clouds!"

Note that the game does not support all Android devices. Also, Temple Run 2 is a tad specs-intensive so, of course, smartphones and tablets with Dual Core and Quad Core processors would run it more smoothly.