How to Upgrade to iOS 6.1 and Get LTE Speeds on Your iPhone 5? Step by Step Tutorial Video!

iOS 6.1 software update is now out in the Philippines!

iphone5 ios 6.1

This update doesn't really bring any noticeable change to the user interface nor does it come with too many exciting new features but it does bring that one improvement that I'm sure many of you have been eagerly anticipating: LTE speeds support. (Note, however, this is only half of the whole process needed for you to actually enjoy blazing fast connection. The other half involves your postpaid data subscription and the availability of such speeds in your area.)

Here's my short step-by-step tutorial video on how you can download and install iOS 6.1 on your iPhone 5:

But what exactly is LTE and what's so hot about it, you ask? Well, as earlier explained in TechPinas, LTE is the latest standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and other data devices such as USB modems, smartphones, and tablets. This next-generation mobile network technology responds to the growing demand for mobile Internet bandwidth by providing download speeds of up to a whopping 100 Mbps. That's really, really fast!

OK! I've upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1, what should I do next to finally get LTE on my phone? If you're a Globe postpaid subscriber, I believe you'd have to swap your current Nano SIM for an LTE enabled one at a Globe Business Center near you to enjoy such speeds. No need to do that for Smart postpaid subscribers who availed of their plans last Christmas. Both companies are set to deliver LTE speeds for free until January 31, 2013 - but Smart Communications has just announced that it will continue to provide it for free until April 30, 2013 without the need to upgrade to a separate data package. Eventually though, of course, users would have to subscribe to a separate LTE postpaid plan to continue enjoying blazing fast speeds. And remember, you'd have to be in an area where LTE is available to enjoy such connection.

I've been receiving a lot of inquiries from my readers about how to get LTE on their #GlobeiPhone5 and #SmartiPhone5 smartphones, among other related queries. I've just forwarded all of your questions to Globe Telecom and Smart Communications and I'm now awaiting their response. I'll publish all of their answers on TechPinas once they're available. Stay tuned, TP Friends!