Who's That Girl New Episodes, Coming Soon! "Most Netizens Are Supportive," Says Producer! TechPinas Exclusive Interview!

Remember Who's That Girl? That highly controversial online show by Flippish that was featured on Bandila a week ago for supposedly being 'malaswa'?

A few days ago, we ran a poll asking our TP Friends if the show is indeed malaswa and most you chose 'Depende sa tumitingin'. Then, we updated the post to include MTRCB Chairman Atty. Eugenio Villareal's views about about the show. "Ang Freedom of Expression, yung totoong freedom ay dapat nakadirect sa kabutihan. It isn't a form of freedom when we demean women using media or the so-called arts and entertainment," he said.

If you think that the brouhaha surrounding Who's That Girl is over, think again. Last week, I got in touch with Mr. Chris Tan, Managing Director of Ideal Minds Corporation, producer of Flippish programs and sent him the top 5 questions that I've been receiving from my readers about the said online show.

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Not only did Mr. Chris Tan answer all five questions but he also dropped a few bombs and dished out his thoughts about TechPinas' initial Who's That Girl feature.

1. Will you still be releasing new episodes of Who's That Girl?

Yes, we will. As a matter of fact, we shot the latest episode of WTG 2 weekends ago. We will be uploading it in the next couple of weeks.

2. Will the show still have the same format?

Yes, it will.

3. Do you really get the consent of all girls who will be featured in the show?

Yes, we do. We talk to them at the start, and at the end of the interview. We explain everything to them and they are fully aware of what the show is about.

4. Any message to those who are saying that the show is immoral and malicious?

I think people have to realize that everyone has different moral values and I respect the opinion of those that consider the video immoral, but having said that, it is just an opinion and they cannot and should not impose their opinions on other people. So, I hope that they also respect the moral values of others that are not similar to theirs.

5. What's the real goal or objective of WTG?

The title says it all, "Who's That Girl?". The goal was simple; We really just wanted to just bring a camera around and look for pretty girls and get to know them. In the course of the show, it evolved when we would ask the girls for a kiss. It started with a kiss on the cheek, then on the lips, then it just kept progressing from there. Johnny M was chosen as a host, because we wanted to show that even a regular guy, with some confidence, can get to meet these hot girls.

Mr. Tan's Thoughts on TP's Who's That Girl feature:

The title, "Who's That Girl Youtube Videos Get Ire of Pinoys in Social Networking Sites!", is misleading is because [the show] did not get the ire of pinoys in social networking sites. That is merely a perception due to the news report by ABS CBN. As a matter of fact, most netizens are supportive. But i think that the ABS CBN feature has made it look like there are alot of people mad about what we are doing. In reality, most people are open minded enough to know that there is nothing wrong with this.

Ces Drilon is doing another story on the youth culture today. She told me that she read the comments on her feature and realize that we have a lot of support and that is why she is doing another story.

So it looks like there's no stopping the arrival of new episodes of Who's That Girl -- with the same format, mind you. So what can you say about this development? Feel free to share your thoughts below.