2016 Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50 New Features and Design, Unveiled at CES : Price Guesstimate and Release Date in the Philippines

Great news for outdoorsy gadget lovers who love to document their extreme adventures using those small but tough and powerful action cameras -- especially the ones made by legendary Japanese electronics company Sony!

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

The 2016 update to the well-received Sony Action Cam has just been announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show currently being held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

If you think the 2015 Sony Action Cam AS20 model is already an amazing device, then you'll be blown away by what the all-new HDR-AS50 has to offer -- from its refreshed design all the way to its stellar video recording capabilities!

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

According to Sony, "The HDR-AS50 has an 11.1 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor paired with a ZEISS Tessar lens, capturing your content in crystal clear high definition resolution. It uses advanced SteadyShot which is three times more powerful than its predecessor and also used in the range topping FDR-X1000V (released a few months ago), which delivers judder-free footage when shooting everything from motocross to aerial landscapes. The stabilisation system is especially effective against low amplitude vibration, which can occur when used with radio-controlled helicopters or drones. Capturing clear and steady footage of action sports is no longer problematic as shakes and blur during skydiving, running or cycling are effectively compensated for."

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

Aside from that, the device will feature field angle adjustment through “angle setting” and “zoom setting” that aren't available on the previous model. AS50 allows for two-step angle switching between wide and narrow, giving you perfect frame adjustment of any scene with less image distortion for great quality regardless of the angle.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50
There's no adventure the 2016 Sony Action Cam can't capture! Take it with you over the mountains and under the sea! It's tough enough to take on the most frigid climates! Divers and swimmers can also benefit from a supplied Underwater Housing for the HDR-AS50, which allows footage to be captured down to 60m below the waves. The housing is perfectly designed to protect your Action Cam from damage and is therefore not only extremely rugged but also dust-shock-and-waterproof. The designated flat lens allows you to capture incredibly clear underwater footage. An optional Cap Clip (AKA-CAP1) is a perfect accessory for any casual use such as travelling or fishing.

Now more sleek, more durable, and easier to use, the new Sony Action Camera comes with a new user interface ensuring intuitive operation through icon and button operability, for quick setting changes. Like its predecessor, this model lets users control their Action Cam using smartphones and tablets and turn it on/off when using with the PlayMemories Mobile app.

In terms of hardware, here's another thing that's great about this fresh release: There's a rear USB port allowing users to connect a cable even whilst an accessory is attached, enabling the Action Cam to be supplied with power via a mobile battery, yes - even while shooting! A tripod socket has been introduced to this model, which effectively eliminates the need for an adaptor! Isn't that cool?

The New Action Cam is better than ever before because Sony listened to its consumers. "The new camera has implemented some changes based on customer feedback from athletes and other previous users, and now comes with several new and improved user features. Adjustable and enhanced beep sounds as well as three tally lights on the top, front and back have been added to allow greater notice of camera conditions like REC status even when wearing a helmet and when mounted on handlebars or monopods," shares the company.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

Top-Notch Video Recording Capabilities: Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50 comes with a variety of enhanced movie functions for more exhilarating footage. Time-lapse Capture allows interval shooting of 8MP still images which means that even though the Action Cam only records in HD, when editing using the Action Cam Movie Creator software, these crystal-clear images can easily be turned into a stunning 4K Time-lapse movie. Time-lapse movies can also be created in Full HD using the Action Cam App .

The device can likewise capture high-bitrate recordings at 50Mbps using the XAVC-S format letting you to shoot even the most hard-to-capture situations involving splashing water or large crowds with impressive detail. Shoot videos in cinematic slow-motion and add a creative touch to those epic moments.

The built-in movie creator, Highlight Movie Maker, now incorporates face detection and automatically assembles a highlight package which can be viewed and shared instantly on social networking sites. Your action-packed footage is perfectly complemented with pure and vibrant sound recorded with a high-quality stereo mic that accurately captures the essence of waves crashing or children laughing.

Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam will be available in selected Asia Pacific countries - including the Philippines, hopefully - from March 2016. AS20 - the model it superseded - currently sells for Php 13,000 locally and keeping that in mind, I believe the 2016 model should don an SRP of at least Php 13,000 to Php 15,000 upon launch.