Chrono Download Manager for Google Chrome : A Must-Have Extension!

Do you like downloading and installing extensions on your Google Chrome browser? You don't? Well, same here. I'm not a fan of extensions at all. I think they slow down the browser and many of them aren't all that useful anyway.

However, I do have some Google Chrome extensions; Just the essentials. And here's one that I highly recommend.

Chrono Download Manager is an absolute must-have. You see, unlike Firefox and Opera, Google Chrome doesn't have a built-in, easily-accessible Download Manager that allows you to pause or resume file downloads. So often, when your connection goes bad or if you accidentally close Chrome while you're trying to get a file online, it just becomes corrupt or it altogether crashes.

Aside from letting you pause, resume, restart, or delete downloads, this cool extension even allows you to monitor your download progress without having to open another tab! Just click on the icon and you'll see everything in one glance.

So where and how can you get Chrono Download Manager? It's free and you can get via Chrome Web Store. To go there, simply click on the Settings icon, go to More Tools, and choose Extensions:

In the Extensions page, scroll down to the very bottom and click on 'Get more extensions'.

In the search box, type 'Chrono', look for 'Chrono Download Manager' in the Extensions section, and simply click on the blue 'Add To Chome' button.

Let me know what you think about this extension via our comments section below. If you find Chrono useful, I hope you can share this post with your friends in social networking sites so they too could enjoy its benefits.