PLDT DSL Smart Mobile Data Sharing Now Available via PLDT Speedster Fam Plan 1299!

Do you and your family spend almost the entire day outside your house - in the office or in school - so you're not able to make the most of your DSL connection at home? Have you ever wished that you and your loved ones could use part of your wired data allocation on your mobile devices so you can have fast and reliable access to the internet anywhere you are?

Well, with the new PLDT Speedster Fam Plan, you can now do exactly that!

PLDT and Smart Communications, Philippines' largest digital services providers, have joined forces to offer Filipinos' the first ever data plan that lets home DSL subscribers share their data allocation with their smartphones or tablets!

PLDT Smart Plan, PLDT Speedster Plan

The new Speedster Fam Plan 1299 offers five times faster speeds (for the same plan) of up to 10 Mbps and a monthly data allocation of 50 GB. On top of that, subscribers who complement their Speedster Plan with a Smart Postpaid Plan 399 or Plan 600 can share 6 GB out of the total monthly data allocation to their mobile devices which they can use when they are out and about. Subscribers may get up to four Smart Postpaid lines that will be bundled with their Speedster Fam Plan -- all conveniently billed under just one subscription!

"Sharing is at the core of every Filipino family. We share everything, from food to stories, and memories, and now, data connectivity. Now, more than ever, the strongest connections truly begin at home. With this unrivaled and powerful convergence of the country’s number one broadband provider, PLDT HOME; and the undisputed leader in mobile services, Smart, we are going beyond the home and enriching mobile experiences of our subscribers. It’s certainly not just about the shared gigabytes but we humanize technology by empowering our customers to live their digitally driven lives to the fullest and strengthen the connections they have with their loved ones despite physical distance through the power of digital and mobile technology," shared Mr. Ariel Fermin, PLDT and Smart EVP and Consumer Business Group Head.

PLDT Speedster Fam Plan

And what's even cooler is that you can add a handset to the package! "To enjoy the Speedster Fam Plan’s data sharing feature, subscribers can get a Smart mobile line that comes with a free smartphone for an additional Php 299 per month or with a free iPhone for Php 799 per month," said PLDT VP and HOME Marketing Director, Mr. Gary Dujali. For more information regarding that or to sign up for this unique plan from the MVP-company, feel free to visit a PLDT Business Center near you.

The landmark PLDT Home Speedster Fam Plan 1299 joins other groundbreaking partnership projects by PLDT and Smart that aim to enrich the internet-powered lifestyles of over 70 million subscribers. Last year, to provide Filipinos with world-class entertainment and digital convenience, the two industry leaders teamed up with iflix and Fox International Channels as well as with online business game changers foodpanda, Uber, Zalora, and AirBnB. PLDT HOME likewise introduced the Philippines' first 1Gbps plan and launched the TVolution Stick, which is a product of its tie-up with technology giants Intel and Microsoft.