Cherry Mobile Europe Operations via JiaYu Acquisition, Imminent!

Last Saturday, while we were on a trip outside the country, I had a long conversation with our friend Mr. Lonson Alejandrino - Product Marketing Manager of Cherry Mobile Philippines - about the company's current and past gadget releases as well as their recent activities and strategic plans moving forward.

In that chat, he disclosed to me that - just several months ago - CM quietly made a big business move involving the acquisition of an original device manufacturer in China. (Yup, it's that massive!) And this can lead to some very interesting - if not monumental - developments in the way that the country's number one handset brand does it operations on a global scale.

Cherry Mobile Europe
Cherry Mobile European Invasion, to start this year?

The Chinese ODM that Sir Lonson was talking about is JiaYu, which is the company that crafted the handset on which CM's best-selling Flare X from 2015 is based, the JiaYu S3. Considering the local popularity and sales performance of that model, this should be great news for all fans of Cherry Mobile.

By acquiring a controlling stake in JiaYu, Cherry Mobile and its partners in China will be able to not just to produce devices faster but they will also gain access to JiaYu's original product design patents and other properties relevant to its industry. But perhaps most importantly, this can also spur CM's entry into the European market. Why, you ask? Well, Jiayu smartphones are already available in Spain, Germany and other neighboring countries; In fact, the brand has already established its presence pretty well in those territories.

"Will you keep Jiayu's branding in those countries following this acquisition?" I asked Sir Lonson.

"No, Mark. We will sell Cherry Mobile branded smartphones instead," he answered.

"In those European countries?" I followed up.

"Yes, we will sell Cherry Mobile smartphones in Europe," Sir Lonson was swift to reply.

Exciting, eh? But here's the coolest part: It looks like it's only a matter of months before Europeans can purchase their phones from the Pinoy handset company. "We are planning to enter that market within 2016. Let's see," Sir Lonson told me.

As a Pinoy technology blogger, I'm so proud of my fellow Filipinos behind Cherry Mobile for everything that they have accomplished together. For me, they are a source of pride for our country. Sure, you can argue that their devices are made and assembled in China -- but think about this, it's the effective way that they manage their business (which is completely local, mind you) that has allowed them to reach heights that no Pinoy electronics company has scraped before. Two thumbs up, Cherry Mobile!