argomall Online Gadget Store Purchase Experience, A Quick Review

There's a new online gadget store in the Philippines -- and it does what most other electronics outlets in the internet currently fail to do, which is to focus on the consumers' needs and demands instead of just offering products at the cheapest prices possible.

A member of the giant Transnational Diversified Group of Companies, argomall puts consumers at the front and center of its business and strives to deliver the best possible online service in the Philippines.

To quote the amazing people behind argomall, "We help our consumers in the Philippines to find, choose and buy their next smartphone. We carry all the brands of smartphones and all of them are under official warranty. We aim to make new smartphone shopping journey as easy and comfortable as possible."

A few weeks ago, after I overheard a bunch of my techy friends talking about the new website, I visited argomall just to check it out and see for myself what the whole buzz was all about.

Upon checking the homepage, I was immediately smitten with how well-organized it is and with how easy it was to look for a specific smartphone model.

If you check the site, you'll see that all the handsets are neatly arranged per brand and there's even an Advanced Search that allows you to get a list of models that fit your technical specs requirements. For instance, if you're looking for a 5.5-inch Android smartphone with a Quad Core processor and 3GB of RAM, you simply have to fill in those fields and argomall will send you a list of devices that have all of those features. You can tell the good folks behind this online gadget store are quite techy themselves.

Impressed with the quality of the website and hearing great things about the company, I decided to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handset from argomall a couple of weeks ago just to experience their service and see if it's as good as the design of the webpage.

Allow me to share the entire process with you.

1. I created a free argomall account by filling out all the fields - including shipping address and billing address - and by giving them my email address. It's really fast and convenient.

2. I looked for the smartphone that I wanted to purchase using the search bar beside the logo. Since I already knew the exact model that I wanted to get, I didn't have to do an Advanced Search.

3. I simply clicked on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Gold, read the product description, checked the price, and added the unit to my cart by clicking the button.

4. You can add multiple items to your cart and just checkout in one go. I was good with SGS7Edge-Gold so I just ticked the 'Guaranteed Under 48 Hours Delivery' option for Metro Manila buyers - for an additional Php 190 - and proceeded to check out.

5. argomall supports a number of payment options, namely, Dragonpay, Credit Card, Online Banking, Over-The-Counter Banking and ATM, Over-The-Counter Non-Bank (via SM, LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, among others), and Cash-On-Delivery. I opted for COD.

6. After which, I checked the cost breakdown and the total amount, then clicked on the 'Place Order' button.

7. argomall confirmed receipt of my order and gave me my order number for easy tracking. It was super fast and convenient; I didn't have to call or chat with their customer support team.

8. I received my package exactly 24 hours after placing my order, which is amazing considering that there's a 2-day allowance for their rush delivery.

ArgoMall Samsung Galaxy S7
This is how the package looked when I got it. (argomall works with a courier company called 'Rush' for their deliveries.) I handed the delivery guy my exact payment after I checked what's inside the pack and unboxed the smartphone to see if it's A-OK.

ArgoMall Samsung Galaxy S7
argomall made sure that my gadget are properly protected - using a lot of bubble wrap - during shipment.

ArgoMall Samsung Galaxy S7
They also included this sheet, which gives me merchant information about the smartphone I purchased as well as argomall's contact details should I require after-sales service.

ArgoMall Samsung Galaxy S7

In terms of warranty, purchasing a smartphone or any gadget at argomall is exactly like buying it from a concept store in a mall or an authorized retail outlet as you 100% parts and service warranty from the brand itself. The main advantage, of course, is that you can make a purchase from the comfort of your own home or office and that argomall can pick-up and deliver your device back to you should it require after-sales support.

ArgoMall Samsung Galaxy S7

Well, anyway. After I received my package, argomall invited me to write a quick review about the service, which I'm doing now.

Overall, my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge purchase experience at argomall was smooth, convenient, and fast.

I don't regret paying the full amount for the product as I value having peace of mind in knowing that my new handset comes with full service and parts warranty for one year from Samsung itself. Also, not having to go to the mall and leave my home office to buy the device also allowed me to work on my deliverables for my clients faster on that day, so I instantly felt the benefits of argomall's proposition as a nimble online gadget store.