X-Men Apocalypse 2016 Movie Quick Review : Fresh from #SmartHeroes Advance Screening

I grew up collecting ‪‎Marvel‬ Cards and Comics. And like many of you, I also religiously watched ‪‎X-Men ‬: The Animated Series on ABS-CBN once a week as pre-teen during the mid-90s.

So I entered the cinema last night - for the #SmartHeroes Advance Screening of X-Men Apocalypse at the EDSA Shang Cineplex - having a clear idea of who Apocalypse was and what he could do as a mutant.

As a long time Marvel fan, I'd say that the movie is pretty much on point about Apocalypse's background -- but the writers clearly employed their creative freedom to make the plot more interesting.

The truth is, many aspects of the film hardly reflect what's on the comic-books that I read as a child. Nonetheless, I think a lot of the changes made were refreshing and tasteful.

So what's to love about the flick?

1. Magneto's character was gloriously developed. Many scenes revealed the depth of his personality both as an individual who's no different from us and as a mutant. For me, he's the real star of the movie.

2. The first 15 minutes of the movie was absolutely captivating. In fact, if you stay in your seat after the film to see the complete credits, you'd see the names of the hundreds of amazing people who worked on the movie's computer graphics and effects. I salute them for their stellar work.
3. I loved that they made Quicksilver fun and lighthearted in this big screen rendition; In the comic-books then, Quicksilver was plain annoying and often forgettable.

Now, what are some things about the movie that I didn't like as an X-Men fan?

1. Psylocke's character was under-developed. They didn't even hint about her confused past and her brat of a twin brother, Brian. And it's a pity -- because Psylocke is actually one of the most interesting characters in Marvel universe.

2. I felt like they trolled Storm. Yes, she grew up a street rat. But I've always imagined her to be somewhat regal and diva-ish even at a young age.

I mean, just consider all the grand incantations she'd say to command the forces of the elements and the weather; She must have learned those before she became a member of the X-Men.

3. I thought Apocalypse and Professor X spoke too much. There is power in silence.

Overall, I'm inclined to recommend the film both to long time X-Men fans and to those who are just starting to discover the many gems of the vast Marvel Universe. Watch ‪‎X-Men Apocalypse‬ with someone you love.

Thanks, ‪Smart Communications‬! It's always a joy to see the adventures of ‪Smart Heroes‬.