Mobvoi TicHome Mini Google Assistant Portable Speaker, Now Available at eHome Philippines

At first glance, the all-new Mobvoi TicHome Mini looks like a typical high-end Bluetooth Speaker that you can get from any store that sells gadgets and accessories.

However, it is so much more than that.

Mobvoi is a Chinese tech company that specializes in artificial intelligence, voice recognition,  natural language processing, and the creation of new products that make use of these innovations.

Sure, this device works as a splash-proof wireless speaker that you can take anywhere with you -- but it has one special feature that puts it in a league of its own: It connects to Google Home and can work as your very own 'Google Assistant'.

When TicHome Mini is connected to WiFi, you can talk to it after uttering "OK, Google." Ask it what time is it or what's the weather like in your current location. You can also tell it to remind you of a certain task that you need to do within the day, to set-up an alarm, or to put a meeting in your weekly schedule. You can even ask it to play you to play a song from your Spotify account or to give you the name and location of the nearest restaurant, among other things.

Here's a quick demo:

Basically, it can do everything that Google Assistant does -- aside from making calls. This means that it work as your virtual assistant both at home and in the office. Just imagine how it can help you be more productive everyday.

Before I show you more photos of the speaker, let's do a quick unboxing.

As you can see, Mobvoi TicHome Mini comes in this simple grey box, which shows the image of the device on the cover.

These main features of the device are printed on the left panel:

1. Resonant sound quality (I'd say its sound quality is above-average for a speaker of this size but it's nothing too bombastic. The basses are more punchy than deep and resounding. Vocals are clear and brilliant; Not muffled.)
2. Google Assistant built-in
3. Bluetooth speaker capability
4. Splashproof IPX6 certified (can be used in the bathroom)
5. Music streaming (via apps linked to Google Home)
6. Easy setup for both iOS and Android

Setting-up Mobvoi TicHome Mini with Google Assistant is so easy on both the iPhone or any Android smartphone.

1. Download Google Home app on your phone.
2. Turn on TicHome Mini
3. Open Google Home app and look for supported devices near you
4. Follow instructions on Google Home to pair with the speaker
5. Wait for Google Home to finish the task

If you're using a high-end Android smartphone with NFC, using TicHome Mini as a regular Bluetooth Speaker couldn't be easier. Just turn on the speaker and then, turn on NFC on your handset. Place the back of your phone on top of TicHome Mini and click 'Yes' or 'OK' when it asks you if want to pair the devices.

The complete retail package includes the speaker itself, a microUSB to USB cable for charging it, user manual, Google Assistant information booklet, and warranty information.


The speaker holes are neatly hidden at the bottom of the speaker. There's also a rubber pad at the rear to prevent the device from slipping.

TicHome Mini also has this faux leather strap that you can use to hang it on a shower head or a door knob while you're listening to music.

The upper part also has a matte or rubbery finish. There are four clickable buttons, which couldn't be less complicated: Volume Up, Volume Down, Action Button (Pause/Play), and Power On/Microphone Mute Button.

When you don't want to use TicHome Mini as an Assistant, just click on the Mic Mute button.

Interested? Mobvoi TicHome Mini Google Assistant Portable Speaker is now available in the Philippines for Php 6,990 via eHome Philippines -- and you can get Php 1,000 OFF when you use the promo code TECHPINAS1000 when purchasing it through eHome's Official Website.

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