Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi Price is Php 1,995 : Unboxing and Speed Test Results in Metro Manila

Do you want to enjoy fast, reliable, and powerful WiFi connection at home but you're not keen on taking the long and inconvenient process of applying for a postpaid line, which includes preparing papers like proof of income and waiting for approval?

Well, here's a new product from Smart Communications that you might want to try out.

It's called Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi and it gives you many benefits of a postpaid broadband line without the usual hassles involved in signing up for one.

Now available via as well as Smart Business Centers in malls nationwide, the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi device sells for just Php 1,995 and it already comes with a Smart Bro SIM that's pre-loaded with free 10GB of Data good for 7 days!

Basically, it works a lot like your usual Smart Bro Pocket WiFi - you load it then you subscribe to a promo through My Smart app - but it has a wider range and it delivers internet speeds that are twice as fast!

On top of that, there's a currently very generous data promo that's unique to this deviceHome Boost 15, which you can subscribe to on top of another data promo worth Php 50 and above like GigaSurf50, gives you 1GB of data for one day for just Php 15! You can learn more about this via

Now, let me show you everything that's inside the box:

We have the Home WiFi device, which is made by EVOLUZN. It's made of tough plastic that feels like it can easily take a few knocks and bumps.

Of course, you get the Smart Bro LTE SIM, which is the fastest data SIM that Smart Communications has currently.

There's a pull-out tray at the bottom of the device dedicated to the SIM card.

Other items included in the box include the DC connector plug and cable for powering up the device, a relatively long ethernet LAN cable that you'll need if you have a laptop that doesn't support WiFi, a sheet containing warranty information. and a pair of hard plastic stands for the unit.

To start using Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi right out of the box, just plug it to an electrical outlet and turn it on. Then, look for "SmartBro_XXXXX" WiFi network and connect to it via WiFi. Go to on your browser to change the name of the network as well as the password. After that, you can enroll your SIM card number and check your account details through

The device has an indicator light in front that will tell you if you placed it at good location in your house for signal reception. Blue means it's getting the best or strongest signal; Green is for good signal reception while Red is for Bad or No Signal.

Early this morning - at around 3:30AM, I started using my Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi in our house here in Tondo, Manila and here are the results I got when I ran Speed Test using the connection on my laptop.

Download: 39.65 Mbps, Upload: 26.21 Mbps

Download: 37.82 Mbps, Upload: 27.31 Mbps

Download: 38.42 Mbps, Upload: 27.21 Mbps

Not bad at all, right?!

So am I recommending Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi?

Although I need a postpaid broadband line that gives me unlimited data for my work as an online content creator, I can see the value in owning a product like this. In my case, it can be a good back-up connectivity device should my line act up and I need to meet a strict deadline for a job that I'm doing via the internet.

I can also totally see families that don't really need an unlimited broadband account benefiting from this device. The fact that it's powered by a prepaid service is a great way families on a tight budget to monitor spending and to save money since they'll only pay for data that they can consume.

If you're living in a condo and you already have postpaid data connectivity on your smartphone plus you're always out and about for work and play anyway, you might also want to check out this product. With it, you won't have to pay for an unlimited broadband line that you won't really use all that often.

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